How To Win The Lottery Using The McDonalds System


How To Win The Lottery

Using The McDonalds System



from Ken Siver:

McDonald’s restaurants work so well because they use the power of a proven system to give consistent results.

Your food looks and tastes the same wherever you go in the world, even in Singapore – as I found by personal experience! (And that McD restaurant was crammed full of European visitors, with hardly an Asian face among them).

So no matter where you travel, everything is carefully scripted to give you a standard tastebud result.


And McDonald’s also use the power of a Team to bring all the parts of the system together. You’ve seen the ads, or watched from the counter… the burger parts are assembled in separate areas by different team members, and brought together just before you buy it.

These advantages of McDonald’s are why I have put three of my top-selling products into one effective system.

Like McDonald’s, I have increased the power of my successful systems by combining them together… and turned them into a giant winner-making machine.

The World's #1 Lottery System For Lotto.
And I called it the Silver Lotto System PRO.

Systems work better. They get more done, more quickly… whether getting food prepared or winning the lottery.

Here’s how I assemble my power system:

#1 – The Silver Lotto System starts by bringing your winning chances up to 8-9 wins in every 10 games.

#2 – I added the Lotto-80 System which improves results to 92%… that’s over 9 wins in every 10 games.

#3 – Then I combined them with the 4 special PRO Custom Profiles, and found I could get a potential winnings increase up to a double whopper of a 98% success rate.

I’m lovin’ it 🙂

Take a look HERE.

Oh, and the McDonald’s experience reminded me of the time our family went to the Singapore Science Museum restaurant.

Unlike McDonald’s, here the place was crammed full of native Singaporeans, with only the four of us representing the European nationality. And as we looked around, we found – to our amusement – that we were the only visitors using traditional chopsticks to eat.

Everyone else was using knives and forks.

It’s a funny world.

Don’t forget to go HERE.

It will change the way you eat – er – win the lottery forever!


— Ken, I’ve been following your new silver pro system each week since I bought it, and I can’t believe it. $17,500, $4200 and 2 of $230. Each week I kick myself that I didn’t take a ticket, but I guess I wanted proof before I spent my money. Now I will.
Jon F Jon*********** —


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Ken Silver



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