How To Win California Mega Millions Lottery Winning Numbers System How toWin The Lottery – Lotto Blackbook Winning Secrets The only guarantee that you might win the lottery no matter where you are is first of all to have a lottery ticket. If you have a ticket than your chances of winning the lottery is one in god knows how many millions. Now, if you have two or more tickets, even hundreds of them, the chances are pretty much the same because the odds of winning a lottery with millions of players are very slim. This is because 99.9 percent of the players base their game on luck. Mr. Larry Blair, a math professor, discovered a lottery system that anyone can use it in order to win the lottery. He won the lottery few times with his method and he wasn’t even thinking of sharing his secret with the others but because of the media his identity was revealed and he got threats from all over. One day he even got shot for this and he decided to write a book about it and share it with the rest of the world. http After this the question is not How to Win the Lottery but When to Win the Lottery. He tried to print a hard copy of the book called The Lotto Blackbook but all the publishers refused because they knew this system really works so he decided to publish it in an electronic form. But there is still a catch and that is only 1000 copies are available for download. You can check here how may copies are left. This book is by any means a winner. If you get a hold of this book and carefully read it and than apply the techniques
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Here’s a brief tour on Pangya US new Gacha lottery system implemented on September 10, 2009. I will also try my luck on this new system. For more information about this new system here:



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  1. LittIeGodless says:

    I saw some advertising in the paper from a person charging $77 to send you something called a Lucky Number Mojo Bag. This would be a good business venture to tap into because it sounds like a recession proof business…helping others increase their chances on winning the lotto. I will purchase Larry Blair book in the near future as I’m sure there’s something in his literature which can be very valuable advice for the average lottery player and/or professional lottery analyst!!!!

  2. haghello says:


  3. Grantyboy2 says:


  4. tamick21 says:

    how much money did all those shots cost you?

  5. CaraMelloChan says:

    wow nice.. is there a high droprate?

  6. Grantyboy2 says:

    I got Arin and Azer Wings in 34 tries wanna swap my Azer Wings for your Kooh ones!? (:>) lol

  7. Felicity85 says:

    won 2 wings (Max and Kooh) in 33 tries, so you’re really lucky to win 3 in 18 🙂

  8. AllTooAmorous says:

    What does that Cider do?

  9. AllTooAmorous says:

    You’re freaking right; it does sound like Mario Kart 64!

  10. kassycat123 says:

    won Hana Wings from the free coin you get I was happy thought cause Hana is my main xD

  11. RedFrosting says:

    dude… this is AWESOME.
    *wastes money on gacha* XD

  12. Hydrantchan says:

    What’re the differences between comets? Can’t really tell from this.

  13. ComaBull says:

    The sound playing while winning a rare reminds me of Mario Kart 64.

  14. TheSwordUser says:

    Well I suppose buying gacha coins is a good way to get scratchy cards also..

  15. JonFawkes says:

    wow, 3 wings in 18 tries, you are one lucky person

  16. OrpheNaruto says:

    All pangya. Pro player.

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