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There are billion of unclaimed money in the United States right now, and an addition .5 billion dollars in Savings Bonds that no longer earn interest, as well as unpaid insurance benefits, oil or mineral rights, safety deposit boxes, and more. Mary Pitman, author of “The Little Book of Missing Money” has found money that belongs to Suze Orman, the CEO of Wachovia, Donald Trump, Johnny Depp, dozens of other celebrities, as well as doctors, nurses, family and friends. Listen as she tells you new ways to find any free money that is rightfully yours, categories and search techniques you’d never think of, how to avoid paying finder’s fees, and promotes “National Find Missing Money Day” April 16. This money is real, it is free, and it could be yours. Excerpt from “The Simplest Ways” radio show on WebTalkRadio.net. Download the complete show free at theSimplestWays.com or on iTunes. Mary Pitman, author, is an award-winning journalist. Her first book, “The Little Book of Missing Money,” is filled with search tips and additional free-to-search and free-to-claim sites well beyond www.missingmoney.com. “I wrote this because a friend was getting letters from attorneys and search firms saying she had money but they wanted up to 35 percent to help her get it,” Mary explained, “No one should have to pay a ransom to get their own money!” http David Adelson, has been a meditation teacher and lecturer since 1974. A consultant with clients in 12 countries and 20 US states, he has

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