yahoo news lottery winner, is it real?

Question by bobzilla32000: yahoo news lottery winner, is it real?

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Answer by champ226best444
yes and no, well im dont really know

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    • Bello
    • August 31, 2012

    it is really fake…

    Lotterys work like this:
    1)10,000 people pay 1 dollar/euro/pound/yen….etc
    The lottery company now has 10,000

    2) the lottery company holds a draw and gives out 7,000 in winnings (and keeps the profit 3,000)

    Scams work like this:
    -1)nobody pays money (there is no money to win)

    0)a scammer sends out 10,000 spam emails to tell people they have won a lottery they havn’t entered.(they pretend they work for real lottery websites)

    2)The Scammer asks for your Personal details (be prepared! your inbox is going to be full of emails asking for you personally…and dont get me started on what they are gonna do with your Bank details!)

    3)The scammer tells you that you have to pay fees before you can accept the “winnings” (and NO,you cant pay out of the winnings! they dont exist!….silly maga)

    4)The scammer manages to con 3 people out of 1000 and gives all his profits to a charity for orphaned goats (he dosn’t really…he keeps it 😉 )

    5)Your inbox gets more mails than help@microsoft.com
    Everything from “You have won anotther sooperdooperlottry” to “CHAN U B A NEXT OF KIN” to “Please join our company,cash our checks,send us the money until your bank realises you are laundering money for us?)

    The moral of the story is…If it sounds too good to be true… It probably is

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