Yahoo News Lottery Results?

Question by pramod m: Yahoo News Lottery Results?

Dear Sir,

I invite your kind attention the email received from YAHOO News regarding a lottery conducted by them. They have informed me that I win a lottery for a sum of 800,000.00 GBP (EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND GREAT BRITISH POUNDS STERLING ) and inform to pay a sum of $ 1,143.34 ( US Dollars) for courier and other handling charges. In this connection please inform me about the fact of this message. ( The letters send by Yahoo News are given below )
Thanking You,
Yours faithfully
Pramod. M

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Answer by davidplainstx
sound like a fraud to get your money

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2 Responses to “Yahoo News Lottery Results?”

  1. Sanjay M says:

    Yahoo doesn’t run a lottery. This is a well known scam. Avoid.

  2. mathandashukela says:

    Yahoo is not a gambler either casino, delete those messages, reason is they sent the messages thru yahoo so we can get tempted. If you can try open the message you will find that they ask you to fill up and load your email address and deposit some money and if you verify it wont mention anything about yahoo, is just some other unknown companies. So be carefull.

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