WMAQ Channel 5 – 4:30 Channel 5 News – “Mystery Lottery Winner Revealed” (1984)

Here’s a segment of Channel 5 News on WMAQ Channel 5, anchored by Ron Magers. Featuring Al Lerner reporting, with a brief appearance at the end by Deborah Norville. Includes: (mostly complete) Opening animated of the 4:30 Channel 5 News title sequence Ron Magers reports that only one person won the million Illinois State Lottery “Lotto” jackpot, and throws it to Al Lerner at 111 East Wacker where he interviews the winner, 28-year-old Michael Wittkowski of the North West side, who’s with his then-fiancee (or as “Big Al” calls her, his “future fiancee”) Fran Pappas (whom Mike subsequently married). At the time he won, Mike worked as a printer for DeLuxe check printers, and tells Al that he intends to keep working, and to stay in his bowling league (the epilogue to the story, fast-forwarded 20 years on from his big win, can be seen in this article) articles.chicagotribune.com A clip of the press conference where the heretofore unknown winner was revealed to the world is shown, and Mike explained how he found out he was the lucky person. Al then interviews Illinois Governor Jim Thompson (whom Al says Mike has “adopted” as “Jim Thompson Wittkowski”). Hey Mike – if you’re out there and still have some dough to throw around, we could use a nice donation! ­čśë This aired on local Chicago TV on Monday, September 3rd 1984 at 4:30pm. About The Museum of Classic Chicago Television: The Museum of Classic Chicago Television’s primary mission is the preservation and display of off
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Some lottery disputes end up in court.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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26 Responses to “WMAQ Channel 5 – 4:30 Channel 5 News – “Mystery Lottery Winner Revealed” (1984)”

  1. privatepersonalc says:

    wow he changed fiancee to´╗┐ future fiancee really quick! I wonder if they got married!

  2. 80stvthemes says:

    Nice to see this one has a good´╗┐ ending, unlike other lottery stories. Google ‘michael wittkowski 2004’


    If someone gave me a´╗┐ ticket that won BIG like that I would share it with them but ya its def his ticket not hers and up to him to do with as he pleases.

  4. MrRossT1 says:

    6:27 Cry me a river. ­čśŤ 7:15 she is greedy. She gave a gift to someone and then is demanding half of it. Law of attraction worked in both their favors. He´╗┐ was in need and he wanted to win, she was already a strong magnet to help, she gave him a ticket, and he won.:) Me, I’d be grateful the ticket I gave another person as a gift won! ­čśÇ Pay it forward, may he do the same for another in need.:) $250 000 lotto win after fees and taxes is like $80 000. She’s crying to get $40 000. o_O

  5. MrRossT1 says:

    2:00 That million is actually $400 000 after taxes. ´╗┐ She needs to learn to say NO!

  6. MrRossT1 says:

    0:35 WOW. I never realized until today that Barbara Walters is really an unattractive´╗┐ woman. o_O

  7. kittencock1 says:

    Yeah, I saw on video she gave that guy the ticket. It is a sad story but she was really dumb. Why would you give someone 100 bucks for nothing? Im sad for her and she is still truly blessed but she won’t be able to get that money back. Nor should she. The guy is evil if he doesn’t want to give her any money, but it is his decision. And for the big guy who lost his family. I feel for him. I would do the same thing. If I won the lotto then strippers would´╗┐ love me!

  8. kingdongbrad1 says:

    she defo wants that money´╗┐ haha

  9. 302zman says:

    made´╗┐ with feces.

  10. youngjdet says:

    Sure. I’ll have´╗┐ one.

  11. 302zman says:


  12. youngjdet says:

    I´╗┐ think u mean “duh!”

  13. 302zman says:


  14. youngjdet says:

    If u really won the lottery the smartest´╗┐ thing to do is NOT tell anybody.

  15. superdave31 says:

    sorry but in both examples they were stupid
    1) -´╗┐ she shouldnt have given those men anything in the shop. Id tell them to buy their own ticket if they want some luck
    2) – when hes giving his grandaughter 1,000 a week and 4 cars… it just sounds stupid

  16. 302zman says:

    Hey people, I just won the lottery!!! Lets all meet at the bar and´╗┐ get fucked up. Who’s in?

  17. Azicpok1 says:

    I feel bad for the guy but he did that to himself. I learned the hard way not to spend money stupidly but im young . A guy of his age should have been wiser. Put money in the´╗┐ college fund and tell the rest of those people to fuck off. It’s a cold world and you have to give people the cold shoulder for your sake and theirs.

  18. rory372 says:

    i´╗┐ just won ┬ú450 GET IN!

  19. megabekie says:

    Thats the same thing i said when the video´╗┐ ended

  20. ModernWarfarex says:

    what a stupid´╗┐ fucking bitch

  21. muscleheadmachine88 says:

    she got´╗┐ mental isuz

  22. muscleheadmachine88 says:

    same who needs the same´╗┐ plle

  23. DalCowboysFan94 says:

    parents yes i absolutely give them money poor or rich idc, but if its a family member outside of where i live espically if i never heard of, ” HELL NO GTFO LEAVE ME ALONE ” , if i ever win lottery first thing is´╗┐ ask my parents need money? next depending on the money i give $50,000-$150,00 maybe more! to childern in need of FOOD, i hate the look of childern when they are very boney where you can see there ribs makes me want to cry! nice hearted like this woman you cant get bullied around

  24. ThePower1987 says:

    this bitch is fucking´╗┐ stupid

  25. journeymanJ says:

    get over it you blew it´╗┐

  26. johnnyjr2345 says:

    Win, finish school, become physician, buy nice´╗┐ shit, no one will ever know.

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