Why is it news when someone wins the lottery?

Question by solanapascual: Why is it news when someone wins the lottery?

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Answer by Carly
no celebs are breaking up, people already know about brit, oscars are over, there are no serial killers, they are running out of stories!

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    • mina_lumina
    • August 23, 2012

    Sometimes it seems exciting. The news will usually be more high profile in the hometown it was won in or if the jackpot is very large. People just like to hear about other people they can envy. I don’t persoanlly agree with the practice, though. I wouldn’t want a bunch of strangers knowing I’ve suddenly become rich. Like that poor guy who won 3.6 million and died two weeks later of a heart attack- popularly attributed to the stress of being hounded by accountants ever since his big win.

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