Why do people go on news when they won the lottery?

Question by : Why do people go on news when they won the lottery?
Considering the fact that now everybody knows you have a lot of money. Some will probably try to blackmail you, your families and friends probably asking you for some cash. Not very bright in my opinion. What you guys think?

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Answer by Kirsten Anderson
Not all people do. Most stay anonymous. However Camelot (in Uk) encourage you to go public as it’s free advertising for them.

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    • Jake No Chat
    • August 13, 2012

    I agree, it is not too bright. Of course, the “news” media searches them out, and some people will find it difficult to bypass their 15 minutes of fame. I think they are not too bright or they just do not think things through before they act in this situation. Guaranteed, if I win the lottery, you will not be seeing me on the news if I have anything to say about it.

    • Ingrid
    • August 13, 2012


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