why are these players getting phased out?

Question by yahoo avatar is so hot: why are these players getting phased out?
in nba there are always logjams no matter how bad the team is, but sometime coaches, stern, ref, and the media collaborate to sabotage a players career and reputation while retreads stick around in the league for years (see mark madsen, lorenzen wright, michael ruffin, etc). look at the following
1. luther head: remember 2 years ago, he was the 6th man and everyone was raving what a great pick he was for the rockets. 2 years later, he found himself the unforgotten man on the bench
2. trenton hassell: an important part of the successful t-wolves team in the sprewell, cassell, and KG era. seem to be on his way outta this league.
3. stephon marbury: the man averaged 22 pts 8 assists and at 31 is in his prime. he’s getting benched in favor of chris duhon (what?) and mardy collins (who?) what an injustice. trade him to someone who can use him or release him. don’t listen to the rumors and lies the media is spreading. lebron does the same stuff but he’s david stern’s pet
4. willie green: a serriveable starter. now he’s barely gettin off the bench and playing in a role he is not suited for (jumpshooter instead of slasher therefore hurting his stats)
5. joey graham: showed promise in his 1st season. #s consistent in 2nd season despite fewer minutes. in the doghouse ever since
6. kris humphries: solid young player who suffer from inconsistent playting time
7. andres nocioni: competed for playing time with luol deng and outplayed him 3 years ago. unfortunately deng was a lottery pick. nocioni has been a bench player ever since. his playing time took a further hit when management decides to give time to sefolosha
8. walter herrmann: an absolute beast for the bobcats down the stretch 2 years ago. not able to get any playing time since
9. kwame brown: lost all his playing time after lakers got rid of him. not able to get any playing time since.
10. marquis daniels: was the talk of the nba in his rookie season. one of the reason finley was bought out. was ahead of josh howard in dallas but howard got the starting nod. daniels’ career been downhill since
11. charlie bell: showed a lot of promise 2 years ago. after a bitter contract dispute, never been the same since.
12. dan gadzuric: showed rebounding prowess and defensive presence in 2005. unfortunately, bucks drafted bogut 1st overall. been blocking gadzuric ascent ever since
13. zaza pachulia: only 24. on his way to stardom 2 years ago as starting center. unfortunately the drafting a horford made him a role player
14. marcus banks: show playmaking ability and potential in 2005. fail to get playing time since
15. brian cook: major contributor with the lakers in 06 and 07. after a horrible start in 07-08 season and a trade to magic, almost never see the court
16. juan dixon: average double digit scoring in 05-06 06-07 season. lost his playing time last season, became a free agent and is now a 10th man
17. darius songalia: playing time becoming increasingly scarce after a good 05-06 season
18. gerald green: showed immense potential at age 21 with the celtics. has been a bench warmer with 3 different teams since
19. greg buckner: useful player for the denver team from 04-06, playing time dwindling since
20. marko jaric: a starter last season. not in the rotation this season
21. melvin ely: a strong 05-06 season. held out during free agency in hope of landing a good contract. after failing to do so, career has been in downward spiral
22. mike james: played like a superstar in 06. downhill ever since
23. matt bonner: major contributor for the raptors from 04-06. no playing time since trade to spurs
24. imde udoka: starting SF for the blazers 2 years ago. been a non-factor since signing with the spurs
25. juwan howard: avg. 17 pts in 04. van gundy sabotaged his career in houston by starting chuck hayes ahead of him. career took further hit last year with a loaded dallas team. now a bench warmer with denver
26. rodney carney: showed some promise in his rookie season. a sophomore slump left him as a benchwarmer
27. brian cardinal: a terrific 03-04 season earned him a new contract. after a horrible 04-05 season has not been able to earn playing time
28. desmond mason: former slam dunk champ seemed to be a budding star in 04-05. after a trade to a new system, took a step back and is now a role player
29. channing frye: one of the main contender for ROY in 2006. perceive as a role player after a sophomore slump
30. jarron collins: from 01-06, he’s jazz most important big off the bench. since then, he barely steps onto the court.
31. matt harpring: from 02-05, he was jazz’s franchise player. sloan even put off retirement because of him. the acquisition of boozer and the drafting of deron williams and his own injury hampered his career
32. luke walton: lakers ascent coincided with his burial on the bench
33. boris diaw: playing time steadily decreased after 05-06 season
34. kenny thomas: poor start last season landed him in the doghouse. only 31, s

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Answer by DETROIT KING__ (Lions 0-7 :D)
Wow… I can’t really speak on all these players but…for Starbury he was never that good yeah i know he put up all those stats but look at where his team was. For Walter Herman he gets time he got 16 mins off the bench last game it’s just hard because the Pistons have to many good bench players and they all need time. Kwame doesn’t get anytime because he doesn’t show that he deserves it.. plus we all know he’s not that good of a player. For most of these players the reason is there is someone (or maybe more) players better than them so it makes sense to play that better player….right?

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    • Yggdrasil Berry
    • August 30, 2012

    -no matter what marbury’s stats are, he is always a negative effect on any team.
    -amare’s back. maybe that’s why diaw poked him in the eye so he could get more playing time back.
    -kwame was very arrogant. “Jordan won’r regret drafting me blah blah blah”.
    -gerald green’s a punk
    -look how successful the jazz are now w/ booz and d-will

    sometimes, it’s really just like that. things happen for a reason. also, the NBA is almost all business (almost all because McHale traded for Kevin Love because of something about Wes Unseld I think).

    if the things you mentioned didn’t happen, then maybe you’ll be mentioning people like deron williams, c-booze, luis scola, amare, luol deng instead

    • smenze.geo
    • August 30, 2012

    I really don’t know why you asked the question. You answered it for yourself on every guy. All I can say is that guys don’t play because the coach choose to play someone else instead. Is it the right decision? Not always but thats the way it works.

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