Who Else Wants To Be An On-Line Games Millionaire Today

Cambridge, Cambs (PRWEB) January 19, 2008

Have you ever wished for a business opportunity that was so powerful and rewarding, you almost dismissed it as being far too optimistic?


Well, in which case, it had better not have had anything to do with on-line skill games, and especially one that has combined social networking with internet marketing as a means of dynamically growing, or before you know where you are at, your down line will have become your up line …


Such is the case with uVme, a new on line skill games Company that has actually combined social networking and internet marketing with its own on line games of skill platform.


With on line games revenues already exceeding $ 164 per second worldwide, with projected growth to $ 412 per second imminent, the payment plan looks like being one of the most rewarding ever seen on the internet so far today, and some of it’s major advantages over all of its competitors includes such facilities as:


1. Based in Flash technology, it is virtually independent of any browser, so the games will work equally as well on Internet Explorer as it will on a Mac for instance. Not forgetting the new breed of mobile phones soon to be flooding the market …


2. This Flash technology gives it some superb eye-catching, and rapidly acting on screen graphics display, with no cumbersome download times.


3. The built-in Social Networking facility not only gives it a tremendously rapid viral method of growing associates businesses by spreading itself across all of their business associates and games players contacts (such as those in MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, MSN, Yahoo Networks, etc.) but also, because of this, there is no need for the infuriating advertising that so many other on line skill games sites are forced to use for their financing.


4. The games themselves, of which there is a powerful review site at uVme-Games-of-Skill-Reviewed, have all been created specifically for uVme by an India-based company — where all of the latest games come from — giving an ever expanding range of fantastically mind-stretching and entertaining on line skill games to suit just about everybody’s tastes.


5. There will be an unlimited supply of games available to every uVme business associate, so there is no limit to how many games activities (and therefore income) that can occur from every associate’s on line game site.


6. The ability to pay out associates instantly using a powerful and highly developed method of on-line payment — perhaps even to their own uVme debit card, so there is no delay in earning and getting their money!


Also, unlike so many other ‘new’ ventures, where only the lap of the gods will tell whether financial survival is possible, this on line skill games opportunity has been created by the same company that has run the very popular UK e-Lottery on line lottery system for the last 5 years, and has already got a fantastic reputation for paying out millions to its players, in a timely and regular fashion.


Since it’s pre-launch in May 2007, the main thrust of uVme has not been identifying games players, but business associates, and team leaders, willing to set up powerful networks, so that when the ‘Soft Launch’ takes place on the 21st January it is going to create instant massive income streams for many of its existing Associates, and also provide a platform for newbie’s to the business to see a very clear growth path over the coming months.


The payment plan promises to be one of the most rewarding on the market today, and as well as a very concise report available to everyone when they join, KitKatGamer, an independent Associate of uVme, has produced a 20 page eBook entitled “Who Else Wants To Be An On-Line Games Millionaire TODAY!” that outlines the potential rewards based on their interpretation of the uVme report. There is also a brandable version of this eBook, for any of their downline team to use.


So, if you are looking for a way to have fun on the internet, bring enjoyment to thousands and carve out a valuable path to your financial freedom, have a look at this uVme Information video before the pre-launch period ends on the 21st of this month …


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