What Would You Do? – The Lottery Ticket Thief!

The Bystander Effect is in full force! A store clerk (actor) steals a lady’s (actress) winning lottery ticket. Is society up to the challenge of defending the woman’s rightful earnings, or will they ignore the injustice and perhaps even partake in the crime? © American Broadcasting Company (ABC)
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25 Responses to “What Would You Do? – The Lottery Ticket Thief!”

  1. nidagichole says:

    i’ll bet if they change the race of the woman, this would be totally different……

  2. StarBreakerXXII says:

    They get ripped off my the lottery owners and then they go to the store and get rapped by the clerk.

  3. 707AOUN707 says:

    4:08 give dat lady back her TICCKKKET

  4. guister1001 says:

    4:08 – Morgan Freeman?

  5. Undral Erdenebayar says:

    i’m not black but i agree with you

  6. leicha2004 says:

    they have copies here too, schuylerr. how do you think the moment someone wins the big money it’s announced that someone won.

  7. Ricardo Acosta says:

    4:54 epic laugh!

  8. Simpsonsfan Distoto. says:

    i WAS RIGHT ABOUT TO LIKE ON FACEBOOK, then I just remembered I deleted my Facebook last night, to complicated for me, but I still have Twitter!

  9. Bone3326 says:

    except when it comes to anything.

  10. TheSchuylerr says:

    dont know about you americans but over in canada we have receits for lottery tickets..  /fail

  11. darren lee says:

    Not really, some are smart and hardworking too.

  12. SuperLyricjones says:

    no there not

  13. AlbanianChetnik says:

    black people are all criminals

  14. jllmmjj says:

    oh good the news is here XD

  15. jllmmjj says:

    “oh good the news is her”

  16. RacistDentist says:


  17. Innominemephisto says:

    LOOOOOL. Oh jesus. Thank you so much for that comment. I’ve been having a shitty week but that gave me a nice chuckle.

  18. observerking says:

    Sure, on liberal media…

  19. bmg0079 says:

    People are pretty honest. Never forget that. People are generally good.

  20. codex00100 says:

    What would you do? if someone would have pulled a pistol to the clerk?

  21. CRAZYJ10ify says:

    8:30 Isn’t that the Black guy from Pulp Fiction?

  22. indiesoundz7601 says:

    people are who don’t speak up in this scenario are stupid lol.

  23. EuroStatus1985 says:

    The ex cop.

  24. EuroStatus1985 says:

    I saw an episode of 20/20 about this as well. Undercover cops were going in pretending to be customers, and they had real winning tickets that were provided to them by the lottery people and out of 10 places only ONE clerk was honest!!!!!!!!!

  25. EuroStatus1985 says:


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