What would be the pros and cons of replacing the tax system with a lottery system?

Question by Silas G: What would be the pros and cons of replacing the tax system with a lottery system?
Basically, people would be required to buy a certain number of lottery tickets based on their income. But then whatever people overpaid would go into a pool, and one lucky person from each voting district every year would win everyone’s tax return.

If this sounds unfair to you, please also consider how your opinion would change if there were also a BRAND NEW CAR.

Also, I’d like to work an obstacle course an an attractive woman asking potential dates questions in there somehow.

This is the kind of tax reform I feel America needs in order to continue distracting us from the way our tax money is being spent.

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Answer by Charles Veidt
That is a remarkably poor idea for a tax system.

It doesn’t improve revenue. It doesn’t reduce deficit. It doesn’t benefit the majority.

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    • Meet Reality
    • August 28, 2012

    Actually I think that could work for local govts. I dont think it could work for state and federal govts because most the lower economic half of the US doesnt pay income taxes so they would be out of the loop and only people with money would win and they dont need it. Plus the US has a huge debt and we need to start paying that off instead of picking a random few to give money too.

    • Nextvic
    • August 28, 2012


    • jeeper_peeper321
    • August 28, 2012

    Actually why not just let the tax payers decide on their tax forms, where they want their tax dollars to go.

    So you can go down a list of federal departments and give the percentage of your tax’s you want each department to get


    Defense department – 60%
    State Department – 10%
    Interior department – 10%
    Energy department – 10%
    Nasa – 10%

    Then each departments budget for the year, would be decided by the tax payers.

    So if only 1/2 % wanted HUD to get money, then they would have a really small budget

    If 80% wanted their tax’s to go to the military, then so be it.

    The liberals could put all their tax dollars to social programs and none to defense.
    the conservatives could put all their tax dollars to defense.

    Couldn’t be fairer than that.

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