What can i do at the age of 15 to prepare myself for the future?

Question by Barbie Lewinsky: What can i do at the age of 15 to prepare myself for the future?
ok im in school….i dont have a job and im not in any afterschool activities or anything (i hate sports and i hate the clubs that my school offer)

but um yea what were you doing at my age?
i feel like i need to do something….:/

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Answer by xxmexx
have fun – whether that’s sports/hanging with friends etc. Don’t worry about preparing now, you’ll regret it later!

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    • xoLovePinkxo
    • December 4, 2012

    start a club! it looks good on college applications and you can make yourself president. It’s pretty easy to do. Just get a teacher to sponsor you and get your friends to join.

    • Rose
    • December 4, 2012

    well im the same age as you lol but i think starting a club would be a great idea (my cuz told me tht 1) and either that or you can just have fun. we’re still young, but look into things and get an idea of what you want to do. That way you can make a desicion now before u get into something you dont want to do 😀

    • Inundated in SF
    • December 4, 2012

    Actually, you should get involved in something. Figure out where your interests lie and then it’ll be easier to figure out what to do. One of my nieces has always been into environmental issues–even as at 7 y.o., when her school wanted to poison all the squirrels because they’d come and hang around the picnic tables where the kids ate lunch, she got her friends together and protested–squirrels were there long before the school was built. She even wrote an op ed article for the local paper which got published which raised more awareness by more people in authority. The squirrels were trapped and moved to a place where there weren’t so many people around and the school changed it lunch policies. She now is now a grad student, got a full scholarship from Harvard and has been applying and winning a lot of money from places looking for new environmental ideas (and she met her boyfriend in the same field, sigh, so romantic). Another niece of mine learned to cook when she was just a wee girl and by the time she was in high school was making professional Italian and French pastries and dipped chocolates; she also loves to cook so she’s used those talents to go to Italy for a year, for after school jobs, and to get catering offers to make money for college–but cooking/baking isn’t what her major in college is (it’s something like antiquities or something like that). A nephew has always loved kids and is just an overgrown kid himself so he’s always had a “side” job working with kids–this summer he’s working for the YMCA as a paid counselor but even when he was in high school he volunteered to help out at an afterschool kid center (his goal in life is to win the lottery when he is old enough to be legal and then just do what he wants–like that’s ever going to happen). Another nephew decided he wanted to be a filmmaker and got summer jobs (no pay but for the experience and the right to put it on his resume) working for Francis Ford Coppola and making amateur videos and just meeting and doing what he loves; he did go to film school for college and is now working in the biz (he films some of those Bollywood things, he’s done music videos, has done work for MTV, etc.). The more pertinent stuff you can put on an application, the better your chances of getting into the college of your choice. So, have some fun but also figure out what you like to do. If it’s doing hair and nails, see if you can intern (for free) at a salon to see what really happens and if that is really what you want to do all the time. If you’re into animals, volunteer at the SPCA (the animals will love it). And none of it has to be attached to your school. I know my local library is always looking for people who are willing to work with illiterate people to teach them how to read, yea, there are people who don’t know how to read even the simplest stuff and being able to read signs and notices would be real useful. But first you need to sit down and write down everything that interests you–doesn’t have to be important or connected to any kind of potential career, just write down all the things that interest you. Then you can talk to your parents, the librarian, a school counselor, a teacher you get along with easily (or come back on here and ask more specific questions) to get some help pointing you in a direction, offer support and suggestions.

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