Was there any Lottery organized by YAHOO LOTTERY INC for the introduction of the new YAHOO BETA MAIL?

Question by Jameel: Was there any Lottery organized by YAHOO LOTTERY INC for the introduction of the new YAHOO BETA MAIL?
Was there any Lottery organized by YAHOO LOTTERY INC for the introduction of the new YAHOO BETA MAIL?
Is there any Lottery arranged by YAHOO! & MICROSOFT WINDOWS, and gather all the e-mail addresses of the people that are active online, among the millions that subscribed to Yahoo and Hotmail, and others wich thea only select FIVE (5) candidates per annually as thear winners through Electronic Balloting System (EBS) without the candidate applying?.

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Answer by thepenismightier
Does it sound too good to be true? It is!

It’s a scam. You didn’t win anything.

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    • thenchanted_one
    • August 31, 2012

    NO NO NO. This is a SCAM to get your personal information.

    Forward to abuse@yahoo.com, mark it as spam and delete it.

    DO NOT reply to the email.

    FYI, this question has been posed at least 20 times.

    • Guerrilla M
    • August 31, 2012

    Electronic Balloting is yet another less-than-imaginative buzz word used by Nigerian scam artists. There are no YAHOO & MSN Lotteries, UK (United Kingdom) Lottery, Netherlands Lottery, British Lottery, Thunderball Online Lottery in the UK, Australian Lottery, Spanish Lottery, Yahoo Lottery Microsoft Lottery (emmulating from the UK or anywhere else) or any other form of lottery you can win without buying a ticket. While some people might only copy and paste such email to their answer with a brief take on it, I will go into detail because I’m tired of this trash, as several of my friends have lost their a$ $ es to this scam. This is about as far away from legitimate as anything can get, whether it be a contest, promotion, or whatever.

    There exists a certain form of immoral degenerate that trolls the internet searching for suckers who believe that they have gotten very lucky and won a lottery which they have never entered. They will probably entice you to send an advance fee to claim your non-existant winnings and if you do send this money, you can kiss it goodbye. The money will likely be en-route to Nigeria, a cesspool of fraud that has been the center of these types of fraud over the last few decades.

    The best thing to do is to delete such emails immediately and to never reply to them. If you even reply, you risk having your email inbox flooded. If you call these people, expect to be harrassed over the phone at all hours of the night! In some cases, people who travel to claim their winnings in Nigeria are taken hostage, and in worse-case scenarios are killed when whoever is paying ransom payments exhausts their money supply. If anything online sounds to good to be true it always is buddy.

    By the way, I have kind of become an anti-scam activists due to the fact that I have many friends who have had their identities and life savings stolen from them via these methods.

    This is simply advance fee fraud (a prevalent type of fraud which continously asks for money to cover unforseen expenses) and is intended to drain your bank account, promising money that simply does not exist. Hopefully, this answers your question.

    If you have any more questions, do a yahoo search on lottery scams, nigeria 419 scams, internet fraud, or advance fee fraud. You can also read more about this at http://www.secretservice.gov and http://www.419eater.com!

    If you have lost money you should report it to the U.S. Secret Service at http://www.secretservice.gov

    Now you know the basics of Advance Fee Fraud, a multi-million dollar industry that costs honest people their life savings everyday. Be happy you weren’t duped by this scam!

    I hope this is helpful, because I could sure use a best answer! I would appreciate it!

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