TV1_JOURNALIST DIARY_180612_PART2. Satish Babu Journalist Diary on Will New Liquor policy works. AP Government announces New Liquor policy. Lottery system for Shop allotment. Wine shop enhanced. Syndicates in wine business. Excise minister in Jail. ACB notices to MLA’S. ACB report on Liquor Syndicate.

Now that you have purchased one or more of the Luck 6/49 lottery systems, you might wonder how do you use them, and this is a personal demonstration by Mr. Lottometrics himself.
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25 Responses to “TV1_JOURNALIST DIARY_180612_PART2”

  1. lottometrics says:

    I am confused. The numbers on the system are given to you, simply transcribe over to your game sheet.

  2. MrRaymondcho says:

    How do you get that paper and it have numbers on them then you choose it

  3. lottometrics says:

    This system does not predict lotto numbers, just want to clarify this for the hundredth time.

  4. codename7000 says:

    Predicting lotto numbers is silly. Most lotto winners win with quick picks. Just strike it lucky.

  5. doh1959 says:

    wrong i enjoy gambling and with some practical research i soon discovered that the phenomena of the law of large numbers. arguably the law of averages is not only real but in my oppinion deserves scientific research. i can put my money where my mouth is and predict lotto numbers to an advantage

  6. nobertkerry says:

    There are no patterns or formula to random events.

  7. Traces1000 says:

    it’s also good to write down all of the winning numbers to familiarize with the outcome of each draw and only play when you’re confident that you can win………

  8. Traces1000 says:

    I’ve bought a system11 for a game of 6 over 45numbers before and i have 3numbers with 2 supplementary. While the other numbers that i missed are 6, 15 and 31, I instead put 6 and 15 because when i put 5 and 16(according to my prediction) i thought that the numbers are always against me and i always barely missed it so i tried to be smart and changed 6 to 5 and so i thought i cant be having 5 and 15 so i put 5 and 16…lol

  9. lottometrics says:

    I have worked on Lottery Analysis 30 years personally. Just as this program was finished I had a massive life change. So I currently do not gamble since no extra money. However the last major one in summer 2007, I purchased 43 tickets. I won on 24. The total wins came to $1178. That summer I had a number of those. It was on Keno, I also do Keno. This system is for LOTTERY POOLS. Instead of them buying InstantPiks.

  10. lottometrics says:

    This is correct. Using a system you only increase maybe 5%, however what you do with a system is also cascade your wins, and those little cascades and multiple wins can add up, and that is more than 5% IF YOU ARE LUCKY.

  11. freestanding1000 says:

    I want to know how much have you been winning in the lotteries using your system? Please don’t tell me “lots” but exactly how much and how often?

  12. jayeeGrind says:


  13. dunk2011 says:

    i agree 100%

  14. Traces1000 says:

    I’ve bought over 400 quickpick(random) games and barely won anything but when i did my prediction i’ve managed to win a lot of money from it. So yes, you can predict the numbers but not all 6 and those numbers are not 100% either..luck still play an important roll in winning. But i have one advice for everyone is that there is only one jackpot winner so try to be that only 1 person by putting in strange series of numbers that no1 have thought of…and no, don’t put 1 2 3 4 5 6

  15. 1IFLY01 says:

    dude your a dumb racist bastard

  16. kabgkb says:

    i agree with rto38.. this is bullshit

  17. lottometrics says:

    Well, your comment would indicate you have not watched my videos and do not understand the system. It is a system, to give a regular system of play to a lottery pool, or buying group. It is not good enough to go out and buy one time and win a million dollars. Nor do I personally need 12 combination in Canada Luck 649 for example. However there is groups who buy hundreds of tickets every draw, and this is what my system is designed for, and not for what you are suggesting.

  18. RT038 says:

    if this is so successfull why arent you winning all the money

  19. lottometrics says:

    Do you recall it being said anywhere on this site that there is a prediction of numbers happening? There might be someone out there, it is not me, and this is not said on this site.

  20. lottometrics says:

    Yes, it hurts on lotto649. This system is designed mostly for lottery pools that are spending their money already, however you could switch to Ontario 49, which I think is 50 cents a play, or $6 a sheet.

  21. lottometrics says:

    That is correct, however you can put your numbers in a zone where more combos are, that is all, and the win guarantee gives you a short term return to keep you playing longer.

  22. Hassan Radhi says:

    stop lie to the people no one can predect the lottery numbers if you see the winners 99% they bought random numbers

  23. 6kram66 says:

    This should be entitled: Mr Lottometrics demonstrates his “Cure for Insomnia” system

  24. pkrska says:

    @ $2 a ticket here in Ontario, that’s $24 dollars per draw. Ouch.

  25. RT038 says:

    theres no way of working out combo ! if you ask people who have won its luck and chance.

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