Trolgar Unveils Innovative Ballistic Protection Shield, Helping Gun Owners Safeguard Family, Neighbors and The General Public

Bellingham, WA (PRWEB) July 14, 2010

Trolgar, Inc. new Ballistic Protection Shield solves a serious problem gun owners face every day. Made of the same material law enforcement officers trust for safety in demanding situations, the attractively designed Ballistic Protection Shield protects people and property from an accidental or negligent discharge of a firearm.

Shields come in two sizes, 16″ by 32″, or 22″ by 35. Each is constructed with Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber, the same material used in a III-A rated bullet resistant vest, making it stab and cut resistant. Placed on the wall or the door across from where a gun is being cleaned, it acts as a handgun bullet proof barrier, keeping properties and loved ones safe from accident or negligent discharge.

Shield covers come in different colors and some have eye-catching designs, like the American flag, the Confederate flag, wildlife scenes or camouflage. Unless people know there is a bullet shield on the wall, theyll think the shields are simply wall hangings. All roll up for easy transport, making them idea for traveling competitive shooters who need to clean their weapons in places like hotel rooms.

Ballistic Protection Shields have handles, and those handles can be used to hold the shield in a defensive position, making the shields ideal for personal protection. Trolgar designs their Police Ballistic Protection Shields with special covers used by police during emergency response. The Emergency Response Shield can stop handgun bullets, protecting police officers, and can serve as soft armor for their vehicles. Light, portable and with rapid deployment features, the Emergency Response Shield nicely fulfills Trolgars mission to protect the people who serve us.

For more information about Trolgar shields, visit, or purchase shields from their secure online store.

About Trolgar

Named after fictitious warriors and their signs of good luck the bell, Trolgar makes a wide range of high quality gear for security and protection for citizens, police officers, and even pets. The company debuted Trolgar bells silver bells with hatchet ringers engraved with luck-bearing Trolgars. Bikers believe they can capture evil road spirits inside the bells.


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