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(PRWEB) June 15, 2005

Everyone knows that the chances of winning the National lottery are pretty remote but there are ways of improving the odds such as joining a syndicate. VWD runs a syndicate system whereby you pay £5 a week to play the lottery but get 44 entries into it rather than the five you might expect.


It also bumps up the winnings. One of their syndicates recently achieved four balls plus the bonus ball which had they been ordinary ticket buyers would have netted the princely sum of £57. They actually received £171,666 giving the three and a half thousand pounds per member.


In the Euro lottery five numbers would win £83,000 but through e-lottery the win is boosted to £467,225.


Peter Lee who has been playing the lottery since it started with almost no tangible results realized the power of the message behind the system.


“The syndicate system works using the power of mathematics to reduce the odds against a win,” he said, “By virtue of the numbers game each syndicate can cover 1-49 making it a five ball game rather than six.


“This improves the chances of wining enormously but there is a way to guarantee you will be a winner this week and every week: become an affiliate and introduce others to the e-lottery.


“It gets better than that because you also receive a commission on the people they recruit down to seven layers deep. This means that there is a serious income to be made before you make any winnings on the Lotto or the Euro Lottery.


“The jackpot in the Euro Millions is standing at £28 MILLION this week Friday 17/June/2005 so it would represent quite a good pay-out to the syndicate members who scoop it.


“The company, which is British and based in the Isle of Man with an office in Colwyn Bay, has been in business for three years and now has players in 132 countries around the world thanks to the influence of the Internet.


“It is a friendly company and has a helpline which is often manned by the men who founded the company Tom Brodie and Len Fitzgerald. Since they started in 2002 they have had 3,040 wins and have paid members around half a million pounds.


“The players pay £20 a month for one syndicate or £40 for two and are entered in both of the weekly draws in the Lotto and the big European Lottery with considerable better odds than when buying tickets themselves.


“The entries are made automatically for them so there is no queuing in shops or forgetting to buy a ticket and they are notified on line of any winnings.


“It is a much more civilized way to play and the odds of winning the jackpot are improved by 702 per cent in the Lotto and 3,600 per cent in the Euro Millions.


“For the ordinary player the chance of the big win is one in 14 million. Through e-lottery that is cut to one in 1.9 million. The chances a lesser win normally are one in 54 where ours is one in 13.


“But by being a player and an affiliate you can play free because your commission from the players you have recruited will pay your lottery entries and provide you with a much welcome income.


“I had my own shop for many years until a heart condition left me disabled and unable to work in the conventional sense.


“This is ideal for me and I am seeing my income grow every month and more and more people see what I saw, the potential to earn from a world wide business which you can market on the Internet from a web site which they provide free.


“Here is an opportunity to enjoy a flutter and get paid for doing so. There is not catch as there is in some network marketing schemes. No high end entry cost, no garage full of product nobody wants, you simply sign up on-line, by telephone or by fax.


“Everything is done to make your life easy and it is local, friendly and totally transparent.”






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