The Recession Is Over – One Thought At A Time, Says Law Of Attraction Coach

Exeter, Devon UK. (PRWEB UK) 9 January 2012

The law of attraction, aka “The Secret” has been stripped of its mystique by British law of attraction coach, Trevor Emdon who has published what may be the first practical self help book to fully explain how to use the power of the mind to change and influence personal reality.

The author of a new self help book, “The Book Of Being,” is inciting his readers to use the power to change their minds to end their recession “bad luck.” The author, Trevor Emdon, a British success and law of attraction coach, asserts that the simple act of choosing a different thought and adding imagination to the brew can powerfully shift energy that not only lifts moods but actually alters reality itself. His ideas go way beyond old fashioned “positive thinking.”

The famous “vase/face” diagram neatly illustrates our unique ability to shift perception. The image can be seen as two faces in profile or the outline of a vase. This is mostly regarded as little more than a party trick, but, according to “The Book Of Being” when applied to our lives this ability can, in combination with the humble imagination, determine a whole new destiny. Moreover, the process is virtually effortless. All that is required, it seems, is that we make conscious a few mental processes that we do automatically – such as changing our minds. The results, according to Emdon’s book, can be dramatic, far-reaching and enormously beneficial.

Anyone familiar with NLP (neuro linguistic programming) will recognise some of the principles. Indeed, NLP is a large component of the book. It is the coupling of NLP with the more ethereal law of attraction that is the author’s master stroke. With the promise that “effortless reality creation” is accessible to all it is certainly hard to see what could be lost by trying out his ideas.

Indeed, Mr. Emdon believes that the power of the mind is something that should be taught in schools. He goes even further, suggesting that necessary life skills such as confidence, dealing with heartbreak and how to harness the power of imagination are sorely missing from the world’s education systems.

It is never too late to learn, however, and “The Book Of Being” is a step in the right direction of redressing these omissions. The ideas, whilst not easily testable in scientific terms, have nevertheless brought the author at least some astonishing results.

Among his tangible achievements he cites an out of the blue windfall at a time of severe cash shortage, a very happy marriage and living in idyllic rural England. According to the biographical details sprinkled throughout the book, his life was not always so blessed and he is certainly a graduate of the “University Of Hard Knocks.” He seems, it must be said, to be the perfect expert to have come up with such a refreshing and practical way of becoming happy and successful.

The overall premise of “The Book Of Being” is that the way we present ourselves to the world, (our state of being), gives birth to our actions and decisions, which in turn creates our “luck.” This is the effortless “auto-pilot” way most of us live. There is no need, therefore, to believe in the law of attraction or to understand metaphysics or psychology, although the author has a good grasp of both.

Wizard of Wisdom Publishing was conceived by Trevor Emdon in 1999. Its mission statement is “Changing Lives for The Better Forever.” Such is Mr. Emdon’s determination to bring self empowerment to all that he has created a membership club, (Personal Success Monthly) to complement “The Book Of Being.”

“The Book Of Being” is written in a friendly, approachable style and the reader is gently warmed to trying out a kind of mind “workout” that not only brings rapid relief from negative feelings, but also seems almost certain to cause a change in the quality of one’s circumstances – in other words, luck. It is conceivably the best self help book yet written related to the law of attraction. As stated before, there seems to be no downside to giving the ideas in “The Book Of Being” a try. After all, as the back cover suggests, the worst that can happen is that you get to feel good a lot more of the time.


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