Subliminal – Winning At The Lottery

Producer Makes No GuaranteeTo Winning Anything By Chance.This Video Aims To Increase Syncronicity Your Chances At Winning At Slots ,Drawings, And The Lottery It Is What It Is.This Is A Experimental Video But Yet Very Unique Nothing Short Of Miracles.Let Me Know If You Win.Play Responsibly This Means Take Care Of Priorities First.If You Win Don’t Forget To Help Those Who Could Use A Lift Upward.Use Inconjuction With Prosperity Subliminals Cds Tapes Or Videos Of Your Liking.Please Allow Time For This To Saturate Your Whole Brain.Use With Or Without Headphones. Produced By Way Of The Fair Use Provision. Affirmations: Lottery Winner Day And Night I Attract More Money I Instantly Win At The Lottery,Scratch Offs And Slots I Win Large Amounts Of Money I Manifest Large Winnings I Am Worthy I Open My Mind To Greater Levels Of Wealth And Abundance I See Myself Winning Large Jackpots I Achieve Greater Levels Of Wealth I am A Instant Winner Wealth Realization I Am Syncronized With Riches Wealth Success Abundance I have The Midas Touch My Winnings Increase I Win At Scratch Offs Drawings Progressive Machines Slots Lottery My Income Increases Daily My Mindset Is One Of Wealth I See Absolute Abundance When I Receive A Hunch I Act Without Delay I Play Wisely And Responsibly Winner My Thoughts Of Wealth And Abundance Creates My Enviornment I Only Pick Winning Numbers I Saturate My Mind With Thoughts Of Wealth Millionaire Mindset Yes You Are A winner I See The Results I Win At The Game Of
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An Arkansas woman who cashed a million lottery ticket may have to give up the winnings to a woman who threw away the ticket after she bought it, according to a judge’s ruling Tuesday. The judge decided that Sharon Duncan was entitled to the prize money, not Sharon Jones, who claimed the prize money after she took the ticket from a trash can of discarded lottery tickets at a convenience store in Beebe, a city about 40 miles northeast of Little Rock.
Video Rating: 5 / 5


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31 Responses to “Subliminal – Winning At The Lottery”

  1. paddywacket says:

    i won 4 bucks the next day after watching this lol

  2. johncat3 says:


  3. dajah9501 says:

    Just curious….why the ocean sounds???

  4. Angela Morales says:

    I just found this video .. OMG thank you so much !!! Do you have any more just like this one ?

  5. ThePower1987 says:

    money is amazing

  6. clark4926 says:

    Between this and my creative visualization, I should have a good chance. Thanks

  7. sukranify says:

    How Can I upload this as audio on my mp3 player, I want to listen while I’m reading a book…

  8. samikatful says:

    thank u 4 giving me a chance 2 improve my life on so many different levels…love and light 2 u all!!

  9. richgirlro says:

    I have been looking something like this, thanks for creating it.

  10. drvirtual7 says:

    Most of the time I just Listen to the recording If I have some extra time I take In the visuals

  11. drvirtual7 says:

    It’s Strictly up to you

  12. Paserelly87 says:

    I was curious. . Do I actually have to watch the video or can I just listen?

  13. MrJPtuga13 says:

    Great video,… can you make one for EuroMillions, and in Euros?…

  14. MainelyLove says:

    Dr Virtual 7 : Hey. Found your video here this past weekend, have been listening and/or watching/listening every day, so far like what I’ve see of your “stuff”, and wanted you to know that I believe it has helped me “tune in” with my numbers in the last three drawings, supporting the other materials I have been using. Will Post Any More Developments! Thanks very much.

  15. drvirtual7 says:


  16. maxilopez37 says:

    Thanks for the video. Are headphones required for this one ?

  17. kierredestiny2 says:

    Scratched off $4 on a ticket when I just listened to the subliminal less than an hour ago.. ;~)

  18. nezayas says:

    After listening to this video for two days, I won on the lottery scratch $100.00, this is great… Thank you

  19. kierredestiny2 says:

    Ummmm I won $25 on a bingo scratch off and $53 on the NJ pick 6 lotto, 4 Numbers out of 6…all after listening to the subliminal THAT WEEK! I am a believer….! I will listen to this day in and day out! I will only win more and more! Thank you!

  20. ninabambina73 says:

    I won 4$ on Poweball. Its a small amount but Im grateful none the less. Funny thing is I saw that red powerball number so clearly and in fact it was right. Thank you for all your uploads. I have come into a bit of abundance over the past 2 weeks!

  21. drvirtual7 says:

    Syncronicity is defined as a simultaneous occurrence

  22. millions798 says:

    Can u explain what u mean about synchronicity. Is that an indicator of winning?

  23. millions798 says:

    I have won on two scratch offs since listening yesterday.

  24. MrMazins1 says:

    Today was my third win in a row! $13 this time. It’s so weird. Usually I can go months without winning anything. I don’t spend huge amounts on the lottery because I feel that if it is meant to come through it will find a way.
    Thank’s for the reply 🙂

  25. drvirtual7 says:

    It started out that way for me too small amounts then syncronicity was granted.From that day forward it’s been sweet.Being grateful to whatever the amount you win sets up a good vibration.

  26. arkansastrash320 says:

    Scanners are right about 99% of the time i my thoughts the lottery commision should make up for Sharon Duncan.I agree whats in the trash belongs to who ever grabs it .I grab scratchoffs all the time from the trash.Unless someone’s name is signed on the ticket it becomes mine.The lady who cashed it should get to keep it!!

  27. sep0507 says:

    The courts have ruled that once trash is out of your possession, the police have a right to search through it for evidence of a crime without a search warrant. The judge is taking her word that the machine ,alfunctioned. What a crock of BS!

  28. winterwinds2 says:

    Thats right,so the store owner-manager is not entilted to any of the million either.

  29. racefan32 says:

    Here the store that sells a winning ticket gets a percentage of it as a sellers fee. might be like 5%?

  30. winterwinds2 says:

    God your smart,and i agree.I believe though the lady who picked the ticket out of the trash should get all the money,The store clerk ,nothing and the original ticket owner nothing.The original ticket owner claims the scanner was not working the lotto corp says it was so,it was her careless mistake to throw it out,Once something is in the garbage its fair game,it no longer belongs to you,especially if you were the one who tossed it,mistake or not.!!!!!!

  31. racefan32 says:

    Lawyers will be the only winners here.

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