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From: Steve G. Jones (Clinical Hypnotherapist, President of the American Alliance of Hypnotists & Member of the Board of Directors of the American Lung Association)

Let me tell you a quick story: Siddhartha Shakyamuni was from a noble family in India. One day, he began asking questions, questions that didn’t have any clear answers.

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He set out to find the answers himself. And for years, he meditated endlessly seeking the answers to his questions.

From that moment on, after his Enlightenment, he became one with the Earth and the Universe. He learned to live in the present, unfettered by the burdens that society has created for him. Siddhartha was from then on called Buddha, meaning “the Enlightened One”.

Twenty five hundred years after Siddhartha Shakyamuni’s Enlightenment, millions of people are still finding inner peace and the answers to their questions through Zen Meditation.

Rather, it is a way of living, feeling and thinking that focuses one’s energies on the present, rather than your worries, anxieties, fears and anger.

Negative emotions take a toll on us on a daily basis and what is unfortunate about our modern circumstances is that we are often conditioned to think that these negative emotions are necessary to succeed in life.

Well what if I tell you that people who really succeed in what they do, whether their area is in building wealth or in spirituality, are not interested in feeling worried, anxious or stressed?

The answer is: there is no secret.

They have ceased from being drowned in negativity and they simply did what they wanted to do. If you do what they did, you would be in the same position as them, plain and simple.

There is no mystery or secret to happiness, contentment and inner peace.

If you build a house, brick by…

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