Shoppers Lotto Announces New Weekly $50,000 Drawing for Free

Piscataway, NJ (PRWEB) July 8, 2008

July 4th Shoppers Lotto is an innovative company that provides a unique type of local and on-line shopping experience. With some of the biggest names in retail as part of shoppers Lotto community, shopping in one place has never been so easy. At Shoppers Lotto, we merge the concept of shopping with the fun and excitement of a sweepstakes. By doing your shopping through shoppers lotto, you have a chance to win free prizes.

Everybody likes to win something for free. With, every time you make a Purchase, you are getting a chance to win free prizes. Whether it is our 3 ball draw with prizes up to $ 500.00, our 4 ball draw with prizes up to $ 2,000.00, or our new 7 ball $ 50,000 drawing, you get to pick the numbers and the drawing you want. Shopping has never been so much fun.

Another thing that sets us apart from a conventional sweepstakes is how we pick the winner. Have you ever wondered about how the announced winner of a sweepstakes is actually selected? For our 3 and 4 ball drawings, we utilize an audited state run lottery drawing. Our 7 ball draw is done by an independent audited company. You simply pick your numbers on our playslip and play. If your numbers are the winning numbers, then you win; this is how we select a winner. By utilizing this type of procedure, we ensure that everything is audited, transparent and always above board.

With Shoppers Lotto, all the shopping is done on the vendor’s website. Therefore, we don’t ask any personal information other than your name and e-mail; this is done so that we can e-mail you when you win.

Please be aware of scams using the Shoppers Lotto name. Shoppers Lotto, Inc will never mail you any random type of letter or check. If you do or have received one, please disregard it as this is nothing more than a scam. When you win at Shoppers Lotto you receive an e-mail from us, never just a letter or check saying you have won.

Shoppers Lotto is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Media contact: Glenn Adamousky 732 504-8025

E-Mail: info @


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