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 Do You Wonder Why You

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~ What do I like about your website Ken?……. Everything! But best —the winning numbers! I got $679 on Wednesday in the draw. This is a fantastic system you’ve got. I can’t believe my luck. Rock on!!!

Julie Bremer, USA

*  Dear Ken this is Yana. You have a special place in my heart because it was this week end that I won $440 in my lotto game with your wonderful Silver Lotto System of playing. I am forever gratefull.

Yana, Spain

~ Hiya. I’m reading all these stories and thinking, what crap. I was going to get my money back when I won $1230 just now. Man, was I beat up! So I’m sorry I didn’t believe you, Ken, you’ve got my support friend. Anyone can write to me who don’t believe and I’ll tell them.

Stephen Webb, New York

* Hey Ken – if you had an 11 for this Silver Lotto System you would get it from me. I WON $880 YESTERDAY. Wow!!!!! I never thought it would work but it has – even though its only a small amount. Thanks a million! (hope I can say that soon)

Jerome K. Chicago, USA


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