Freedom to Live, to Choose, to Buy!

Network Marketing + Lotto = Money

Freedom to Live, to Choose, to Buy!

Globalwon introduced the world to the first ever Networking/LOTTO opportunity. Visit to learn how to register.


What GlobalWon has done is create a powerful new concept that allows players to satisfy two ambitions at once – GlobalWon allows you to earn a lot of money , for referring other players, while you win money by playing the GlobalWon game.


The uniqueness of this idea is based on two critical factors:


The product is a European Union licensed lotto-style numbers game based on the closing figures of 6 major European stock exchanges. All tickets are purchased on-line directly from GlobalWon’s website. Because the game is licensed in Malta, a sovereign state of the EU, it is legal to play and promote in any country of the world where it is legal to take part in a lotto style numbers game.


Our commission plan is a proven one that has been designed for large payouts and long-term sustainability.


GlobalWon is the ultimate deal


The company


Licensed to operate internationally by the Malta Financial Services Authority and the Maltese Lotteries and Gaming Authority

Led by experienced professionals from the gaming and network marketing industries

Over 2 million of investment to create a world-class technology infrastructure

The product


A numbers game with big money prizes and based on the type of lotto games that are popular with millions of people around the globe

Licensed by an EU member country for international play and audited weekly by Deloitte Touche

Uniquely based on the closing figures of six major European stock exchanges, making it tamper-proof, offers significantly better odds than almost any other lotto in the world

The industry potential


$ 635 billion a year spent on gaming, over $ 190 billion of which is on lottos

On-line gaming industry is growing at over 15% a year and will double in volume to $ 24 billion by 2010

A well-established, highly-regulated, powerful and virtually recession-proof industry

The support offered


Experienced professionals in sales, marketing, customer service, finance and technology are on hand from our state-of-the-art premises in Malta to help our players

Our team of network marketing professionals provides constant sales support and runs almost daily conference calls to help you build your business

Your own personal website and back-office for referring players and managing your tickets and commissions

The commission plan


A proven and legal multi-level commission plan which pays out down seven generations

40% of all ticket sales money is paid out to our players in referral commissions, plus 24% of downline winnings are shared amongst each winner’s upline

Dynamic commissions mean you earn money daily and are able to transfer it to your bank account whenever you like

The possibility of earning a substantial passive income once you have built a large team due to the repeat purchase nature of the product


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