National Lottery Rainbow Advert

National Lottery has been making magic happen for 25 years. Time flies when you’re having fun and here at the National Lottery, the past 25 years have really flown by. With your help, we’ve raised a fantastic €4 billion for good causes across Ireland; given away over €6.3 billion in prizes to lucky players and created over 430 millionaires. See more and play online at ◄ Buy Powerball Tickets Online powerball lottery in lottery powerball de lottery powerball la powerball lottery la lottery powerball the powerball lottery lottery powerball lotto powerball powerball lotto florida powerball powerball florida fl powerball powerball fl powerball…
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24 Responses to “National Lottery Rainbow Advert”

  1. landeverge says:

    i think its ‘take 41′(or therabouts) from the g.i.blues film..which is the reason..nice tune..’dreamy’ as winning lotto is

  2. deech2011 says:

    Gwan TAM LYNCH

  3. michaelc5876 says:

    sounds a little different to Elvis version?? anyone know if its him or another

  4. landeverge says:

    god..your a boring ‘fuck’ with that kinda is wrong with this ad.?..go strangle yourself,you’l hardly be missed

  5. Tobleus says:

    they are multiple Irish lotto websites which one is the true one and is irishlotto(.)net a safe one?

  6. cilleinbaah says:

    someone please tell me what this song is

  7. elhacko1 says:

    Bought my first lottery ticket won a tenner. Oh yes

    but i lost the ticket 🙁

  8. xxJessaKxx says:

    me gusta

  9. SuperStormbird says:

    Elvis sings “Pocketful of Rainbows”from the film G.I.Blues. Love you forever Elvis. Your music just keeps on being played and played. You will never be forgotten! Cant wait for the concert in the O2 in March. Hope it makes me feel like I was at a real Elvis concert as I never got to go to one while he was alive seeing as awful Col. Parker wouldnt let him do Europe!

  10. noerobbins24 says:

    This is a very “spotty” video. =p

  11. jefffinley11 says:

    This video went viral on Wellington

  12. supercheese12345678 says:


  13. hentaipanda07 says:

    Oh please bring back ” it’sssss yoooouuuu ” finger pointing adverts instead please …

  14. ScarkProductions says:

    Nope.. maybe it was “elvis – pocket full of rainbows” as the related videos show lol

  15. dellcomfat says:

    anyone know the name of this song and the artist

  16. xonairboy says:

    This ad hits all the typical ad agency marks.

    Dublin on it’s one sunny day of the year…check.

    In front of vaguely trendy building built during the Celtic Tiger years…check

    Look how hip and ethnic we are in Ireland, black couple, asian dude, multi-racial couples…check

    Corporate office drones discovering they really do have a soul after all…check

    Pass the sickbag…check

  17. TheHurleybiy says:

    This makes Dublin look actually nice.

  18. aniallator83 says:

    Hello Dublin

  19. Donalob says:

    This is a fantastic ad.

  20. booeyb10 says:

    I love it ad, it always puts such a smile on my face. All time favourite ad to date

  21. ThisKittenHasClaw says:

    My dad is the captain of one of the tugs they used in the add. 🙂 took em ages to get the rainbow right. Love seeing the add now 🙂

  22. LisaChuUK says:

    nice ad, shame the ginger curly haired slag ruined the ad…

  23. 007BabyBond says:

    My favourite ad, favourite song. I actually have “Pocket full of rainbows” tattooed on my foot

  24. orls1991 says:

    A bit of cheer is all we need at the moment, this is a real mood lifter whenever it comes on. If only we could all win a bit now…

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