Mega Millions ‘winner’ Mirlande Wilson won’t share lottery jackpot Maryland McDonald’s worker Mirlande Wilson claims she has one of three winning tickets for the record 6 million jackpot in the Mega Millions lottery this weekend. Mirlande Wilson was part of a workplace pool with 15 co-workers at a Millford Mill McDonald’s but she claims the winning lottery ticket was not one of the pool’s tickets and is refusing to share the 8 million share of the Mega Millions prize. Mirlande Wilson’s co-workers are angry and say that she should split the winnings with her as they had given her more money to buy extra Mega Millions tickets, but Wilson is sticking to her story. Mega Millions officials have cast doubt on whether Wilson is really one of three winners and have said so far no one has produced a winning ticket. The winning tickets were sold in Kansas, Maryland and Illinois.
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25 Responses to “Mega Millions ‘winner’ Mirlande Wilson won’t share lottery jackpot”

  1. visualstarryeyed says:

    you were trying to be funny and your joke failed.idiot

  2. RizzoAstronama says:

    wow, you really must be a real loser to point out the obvious.

  3. visualstarryeyed says:

    its not english and your joke failed-_-

  4. RizzoAstronama says:

    WTF i think i forgot how to hear correctly, I cant understand shit they’re saying

  5. jepchumba2009 says:

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  6. Sousuke15 says:

    and the bitch ended up failing anyways 😀 while the real winners actually shared their lottery jackpot.

  7. TheSnakehunter says:

    To say that if she had won she wasn’t going to share the prize shows what a lowlife piece of trash this woman is. Selfish bitch.

  8. krskipp says:

    What’s the point in taking anonymity when they tell you what store it was bought at so you can narrow down the area, how old they are, what jobs they do, release details of the fact they worked second jobs. It’ll take about 5 minutes to figure out who they are!!

  9. msmithstud says:

    details in her story didn’t add up. Had i won, I’d get the f*** out of dodge and drive to Tallahassee to get my money. I don’t know if Florida law requires winners to come forward publicly or not, but if it doesn’t, I’d remain anonymous.

  10. pac6010 says:

    The real winners in Maryland fucked themselves though, because they gave out their ages and the fact they worked in the school system, count down till a reporter finds out everything so they messed up badly. The guy in Kansas is still g2g. Illinois forces you to come forward and maybe give an interview, its at their discretion and they publish your details (assholes lol) You can get around all that though by forming a LLC or corp and just have them as the winners and send a spokesmen to get it.

  11. popcur says:

    Do it like in the movie Heat. Deniro had his paperwork ready to leave the country. Private plane,too. He was set.

  12. msmithstud says:

    it’ already been determined she is not the winner. THe acutal winner has already come forward and wants to remain anonymous

  13. kawneekwa says:

    Why she have 7 kids an work at Macdonald. She a ho. That why.

  14. bakedbeans2012 says:

    This is why people typically don’t like to do business with blacks. To all those politically correct people out there, fuck off and tell me you would give your credit card number over the phone to Mirlande!

  15. TheBestEVER4LIFE says:

    she shouldnt robbed those ppl though.she problably wouldnt had won if she had played only a dollar…but i bet she waiting for some1 she can trust a brother or a bf to cash it for her n then they gona robb her lol

  16. xXxdopethronexXx says:

    I’m not saying it’s right to hate a whole race based on one persons actions but this is why people tend to hate black people, they have an unusually high capacity to be disgusting low class pieces of shit. No pride, no honour and no respect.

    I hate this cunts fucking face.

  17. VIL388 says:

    Oh well she can’t even stop having kids so she will blow away the money and go back flipping burger

  18. psmint123 says:

    suddenly “losing” the winning ticket!! MD winners can stay anonymous. Bet the winner was from the $5 her manager gave for the pool tickets. The lottery can track if the winner was on multiple play ticket or single. She can claim it later and no one would ever know…

  19. Redskin1040 says:


  20. DAMNCHARLIE says:

    she claimes she will donate all money to her native Haiti, why doesnt she get a better home first, maybe even a better wig.

  21. flycentro123 says:

    Why did I know it was a black lady before I even saw her picture !!!!

  22. fordbronco1991 says:

    Look at all the kids she’s got wonder if it was for welfare purposes. She got greed in her or she’s raciest.

  23. fordbronco1991 says:

    She’s raciest she won’t share she’s raciest.

  24. fordbronco1991 says:

    Maybe she’s raciest.

  25. truthngrace53 says:

    This is her fault. She should have shut her big mouth until all ducks were in a row them present the full situation. Now look at what she has done. To save face she needs to share n leave bmore. She is creating too many enemies. To be honest if my family member was part of the pool i would be too upset right now especially due to these economic times.

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