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24 Responses to “MEGA MILLION LOTTO FRENZY 2012”

  1. nettadotcom1 says:

    Haha, you’re so funny! I love your videos. xD

  2. 1nn0t1l says:

    I’m gonna buy Fireworks for a 30 minute Firework show!

  3. whitegirlabbey305 says:

    buy. 2 cars , a house for me in the hamptons or beverly hills , give my family some money , give some too charity , get more tattoos , go shopping , open up a clinic

  4. anthonycorley6 says:

    Your awesome dude.well its up to 76 million right now.but I’m going to win and I’ll buy two racecars we can race from state to state outrunning the law.if you win do the

  5. Deadm15 says:

    I’d buy stuff for my girl marry her and buy us a house yep the good life 🙂

  6. anbayanyay says:

    They say windfall cash is a magnifying glass on your personality. If you’re good with money you’ll do great, but if you’re a spender you’ll blow through it. Good point about not needing to be rich to be stupid with cash tho, that is too true!

  7. pac6010 says:

    Meh I dont buy into that stuff. The problem is most people are immature or stupid so would do stuff like that. Me personally as soon as I won I would buy a house, two cars and furnish it out, then take a nice long vacation and tour the world. Screw working or living normal for a year. I wouldn’t need too control myself because I have self discipline that cant be broken no matter the amount of money. Why does one man put his money in the bank while the other gambles it away. Its not about amounts

  8. okreek says:

    I don’t even buy lottery tickets to know how much the pay-out is. And yes i do wish you luck on the lottery frenzy. I would buy myself a new life if i won the lottery prize.

  9. MusicNerd411 says:

    have my own Starbucks in my kitchen!

  10. Msapplekawaii says:

    on porn!lol

  11. Squidwardboy369 says:

    A lamburgini car

  12. kelliehock says:

    sucks cos i live in fl and i can’t even get one, lmao.

  13. ninjafishgirl says:

    your so funny i love youXD honestly id invest some, donate some, and buy myself an awesome house & random cool stuff

  14. HelloKayla96 says:

    haha If I wont the lottery I’d prob just buy a house, car, and live life.

  15. anbayanyay says:

    Financial advisors say: if you receive a windfall, take a little bit of the money to have fun with, but put most of it away immediately, and don’t do anything major like quit your job or buy homes on the French Riviera for a full year. This lets the idea sink in that you have a giant frigging pile of money and gives you time to figure out what you really do want to do. Otherwise, you buy stupid-expensive stuff with a massive burn rate and end up broke, or let your “friends” clean you out.

  16. Mtgate says:


  17. jenndear12 says:


  18. 90046500 says:

    pay for collage.!

  19. LauraTMills says:

    hahahaaaa i like this video. 😀
    the chips.. yeah the chips.. fuck the chips. true! i love DennisHegstad videos it’s so true 😀 3

  20. boots2177 says:

    i’d pay for college. 

  21. CocoHeidi says:

    i’d buy cd’s. owyeah.

  22. kellybeldela123 says:

    Lol my mom bought 20 tickets and I’m like mom your waisting your time nd she got mad at me and called me bad luck aha but with all that money I will travel the world First Stop California then hawaii then Paris Italy Rome Spain Canada Everywhere !

  23. EmmaSaysHey says:

    “fuck chips” AHAHAHAHAHAHA

  24. wowautumn1000 says:

    I’d buy a house in LA, buy a car, buy my family some houses, go to college, go to a lot of shows, travel, a bunch of other random shit.

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