Mastering The Techniques Of Lottery Playing

Mastering The Techniques

Of Lottery Playing

Teaches Readers How To Become Better Lottery Players Using Statistical And Analytical Methods. This Info Is Clearly Written, With Examples.

Focus Is On: Winning The Big Jackpot, Saving Money, Improving Your Odds At Scratch Off And Draw Games.

Mastering the Techniques of Lottery Playing

 How to Improve Your Odds at Scratch Off and Draw Games


“Mastering the Techniques of Lottery Playing” teaches Analytical and Statistical methods to help improve your lottery odds, particularly for Scratch Off games. One method for improving your Scratch Off game odds can be summarized as “Card Counting for the Lottery.” All methods described in the book have step by step instructions and are accompanied by written and visual examples. The ebook also includes advice that can save you money and make you a better lottery player.

Who can Benefit from this Ebook?

  • Beginners to Advanced Lottery Players
  • Those Struggling with Large Yearly Lottery Losses
  • U.S and International Lottery Players.

Limitations for Some Players.

To perform the calculations in Chapter 5, “Improving Your Odds: Scratch Off Games,” your state lottery must provide the following three pieces of data:

  • Total Number of Tickets,
  • Total Prizes for each prize level, and
  • Unclaimed or Claimed Prizes for each prize level (either one will work)

Even without this data, the ebook will help you understand how to analyze Scratch Off (and Draw) lottery games.

Mastering The Techniques Of Lottery Playing






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