LoveMyLotto – The world’s first and only all-inclusive multi-lottery syndicate system! The world’s first and only all-inclusive multi-lottery syndicate system! LoveMyLotto is an Extremely Simple to Use Syndicate System! LoveMyLotto have just 21 people in each syndicate. To choose the syndicate that suits you best, just click on the “Pick a Syndicate” page. There are 3 levels of syndicates Bronze — £10.00 Silver — £18.00 Gold — £34.00 per month. From start to finish manages the whole process for you. You can also try the Blue syndicate (give it a go for 4 weeks) level. This does not have the Bonus Premium Bond Entries and is just to give you a taster to see if it is for you. The Blue syndicate is different as it is their to give you a 4 week trial! To play and claim you must be over 18 years of age. One in Four National Lottery Jackpots is won by a syndicate (source:Camelot). Once you have clicked on the syndicate of your choice, this will take you to thier “Registration” page where you must enter the information required to become a member. Then confirm your order on the “basket “page this will take you to the secure payment page all information concerning security and a secure payment method will be shown! Once your payment completion is successful, you will be sent an email confirmation with details of your syndicate number from LoveMyLotto which enables you to log in to your account by clicking on the “Account Login” button on any of our website pages. Click on “Latest Results” to check if you have won! Love My
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    • bullseyeannie40
    • August 17, 2012

    dated 2011 and no winners? Hmmm…

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