Lottery Winner on Food Stamps…

24 year old Michigan woman wins 1 million dollars in the lottery and continues to collect food stamps. Un-freaking-believable!!!!! link:

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24 Responses to “Lottery Winner on Food Stamps…”

  1. thomasisn says:

    Wtff chill out dude, after all she did give half her winnings to the taxman, if I had just won the lottery I’d be pissed to be giving half of it away

  2. Mrchutzpah10 says:

    nope but you will get AIDS if you love niggers

  3. oscar542241 says:

    My money they take away from every paycheck i never get what i expect at the end of tax refund …less then 300 miserable dollars of refund when they take away x10 a year were is that money in food stamps for people that sometimes dont even need it

  4. oscar542241 says:


  5. michael cameron says:

    You got issues man

  6. Shalin516 says:

    anger management 

  7. Shalin516 says:


  8. Mrchutzpah10 says:

    I bet the woman is not a woman but a fucking niggress in welfare,
    There is a time when you should put a bullet in the negro’s skull

  9. PrincessKLS says:

    Rules vary but generally speaking if you are that close to a million, you don’t qualify for food stamps or really other type of government assistance.

  10. PrincessKLS says:

    THe Lotto winner looked and was dumb enough to not report it like she was supposed to.

  11. PrincessKLS says:

    I don’t know why she didn’t give it back. I’m on assistance due to disability and I know that with any extra money you get, you are supposed to report it because there’s certain amount that you can’t go over to get food stamps, etc.

  12. R. Brandon Perez says:

    We shouldn’t be mad at the lotto winner, we should be mad at the system that allows this kind of behavior to exist and persist. I would accept the assistance too if the gov’t is dumb enough to give it, I mean come on people…

  13. nakyer says:

    I’m surprised. I thought that the Food Stamp people took into account what a person’s assets were, not just their income.  If she has all that money, seems they’d disqualify her. Is it possible rules vary from one state to another?

  14. wafflecopter2142 says:

    bob for president.

  15. xCallmelouiex says:

    Calm down freak

  16. MrsMom100 says:

    Outstanding point Bob.

  17. legendfox2000 says:

    this is bob’s motto:
    “Bob yells so that you don’t have to.”

  18. SlobbyHill says:

    She’s a white trash crack whore who is raping the welfare system, just like 1,000,000’s of other trashy people in this twisted country. There.

  19. jeff30458 says:

    you can’t get money with food stamps……

  20. steve jenkins says:

    Yeah you can get cash back on access cards

  21. 48073419900127 says:

    some EBT cards (not technically food stamps, but government-assistance nonetheless) are ATM friendly, though.

  22. hatinnd says:

    mid1394 you’re an Idiot!! It wouldn’t be WISE to use her money to buy groceries?? Gee! I never thought about it like that! From now on my ENTIRE check should be deposited in the bank and the workers can feed my lazy ass!!

  23. jn558 says:

    the delis give them cash. they charge 100 in “food” and the clerk gives them $50 cash

  24. adada13131 says:

    he do what the fuck he wants so stfu

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