Lottery Winner on Food Stamps in Michigan

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25 Responses to “Lottery Winner on Food Stamps in Michigan”

  1. Barerra1 says:

    She did contribute nearly $200,000 towards tax, so if she got food stamps how much did she get from the big tax pot?

  2. jamie5305 says:

    Kevin is so intensely funny and you Keith are more reserved until Kevin interrupts you; love you guys videos

  3. Polyluv30 says:

    LOL!! ya’ll are too funny!

  4. Ashfir3 says:

    She’s just being smart and saving money man.

  5. Plixus100 says:

    “shes not of these old decrepit mothafuckas that don’t deserve it, yknow?”

  6. TheLottoTree says:

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  7. rocklobsterpt says:

    It actually is illegal and she did get charged with welfare fraud.

    You know what is legal though, asking why she is still taking money from me, and you, and every other tax payer when she has plenty of money.

  8. Tactual says:

    Wow that girl’s a bizzle

  9. insurancegame says:

    Did she re-apply or was she using what she had on the card?

  10. MsEtherial says:

    These guys are in love with themselves…bigtime!

  11. MsEtherial says:

    Arrested? Wow, those poor kids. I wish she had taken a class on how to properly support her younguns.

  12. PaleHorseWC2 says:

    It was more public outrage with the stupidity of the current generation, and people being tired of it. If you are an unemployed single mother without an education, you have no opportunities. She took the money and bought 2 houses and I believe 3 cars and clothes and jewelry, and made no effort to improve her employ-ability, which pisses people off.

  13. pl4y4h says:

  14. JAYCZero says:

    Really when was this ?

  15. justwow13 says:

    I think it was a footlong…XD

  16. fl4m3throw3r says:

    Who gives a fuck? She won a million dollars and she had to give up like $300,000 IN TAX. So what she’s using 200$ a month? She gave up a lot more than she’s getting.

  17. OTownDown54 says:

    good question lol

  18. pl4y4h says:

    Good news everyone. It has been announced that she has been arrested for welfare fraud. Thumbs up so everyone can see.

  19. XMrsShady3x says:

    Shit, I’d be pissed the hell off, and now Octo Mom is on Welfare. Damn, thank God I live in Canada.

  20. tejadahada12 says:

    you play call of duty

  21. TheJasonDR says:

    hmm …what war do you speak of ?

  22. FortyZeroZ says:

    “no nation has ever benefited from prolonged war” – Sun Tzu

  23. cythixx says:

    If I was dat bitch I’d be suing those m’fkin newstations left and right. It must be illegal to film her with hidden cameras everywhere she goes, especially buying some food. Sue dem m’fkers.

  24. crossfire757 says:

    I find myself wondering….when he snaps his neck like that, has he ever accidently hit his brother….lol?

  25. TheNattyras says:

    ol dirty bastard did the same thing

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