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Visit SiteLottery Audit - #1 online lottery softwareG,day Matt, K. here from Australia. Thankyou, Last night I sat down to check my ticket of Monday nights, lotto draw. I had used your lottery audit system which I purchased about a month ago.I had put a full card on [ 18 games ]. As I went through the winning numbers, out of the 18 games I had , 7 lines of 3+ supplementary and 1 line of 4straight numbers. What a great start, EH!Cost[ $8] Normally I would use [ what we out here call a system 8[$ 12] and you have only 8 numbers. I think I used 10 with the wheels. Don,t know how much I won yet but thanks, a great turnaround for me after losing for so long. Read more…

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