Law of Attraction…Good Luck? Or it Really Works?!?

Question by ~Elle: Law of Attraction…Good Luck? Or it Really Works?!?
I’m 24, and call me psychic, call me lucky, hell, even call me nuts! But I have been using the Law of Attraction for years now, before the popular book came out, I just had no idea what I was doing, and pretty much just thought I was lucky…

I am a firm believer in creating your own destiny, however I do believe in “thinking, is believing” hence law of attraction.

How it has worked for me: Anything I want badly enough, always makes its way to me….I’m serious.

I wanted to be in commercial very badly, I worked hard, took acting classes, and then was given the opportunity to be in professional local commericial. Got it.

I wanted a certain car, one that is no longer made here in the U.S. I thought about it, I obsessed about it, I dreampt about it, I wanted it BADLY. I did my homework on finding the best one that I could. Guess what’s sitting out in my driveway today? My dream car.

I wanted to go to a private college, here in my state, but I was told by many that my transcripts weren’t good enough because my freshman year (2.5yrs being a freshman, that’s how many classes I dropped and failed) at a community college. That I had “screwed up” essentially and had no hope for getting into a univerisity that I wanted. I worked HARD. Very HARD. I also thought about my college, I basked in it’s thought, I lived and breathed wanting to get into it. Guess where I’m currently a junior at? My dream college. I’m very proud of myself too, for that. 🙂

I wanted a serious committed relationship with a decent man, a man that I always thought was out of my reach, a man that melts my heart on a emotional level. I also wanted him to be older than me. And I eventually wanted to get serious with him, and experience living with a boyfriend. I wanted a lot things in my dream boyfriend. I envisioned all of it. I wrote it down. I stopped talking to and dating the “boys” in my life that never measured up to what I wanted. I directed my energy, time, and spirit to the men I were honestly interested in, and who respected me, and showed potential of being my “dream man”. Guess who I am with today? Guess where I am living today? With the man of my dreams. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. And one really strange point, that I might add, is when I think about him, when i’m missing him, when’s he’s away, he usually calls/texts soon after. I’m not kidding. It’s kind of weird how it’s almost esp…or something…

Law of Attraction, it has to work, that’s all I can say…
By the way, I hope I didn’t come across as bragging. I am not. I just wanted to share some points with you.

what do you think of all this?

Alright, so maybe I’m WORKING for these things, and then I am able to get them. But why does it feel much easier than that? It is not all work, if you ask me. Things fall into my lap. When talking with others, many others work hard as well, but seem to encounter many obstacles along the way, some of which stop their goal. Perhaps these obstacles I’m referring to, are really just Excuses though.

I have read The Secret, and granted I don’t have random checks of money being sent to my mail box just yet (lol) , but hey…what the hell is it that I’m doing that gets me what I want? Or should I not even ask because I may jinx it?? 😉

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Answer by *He Knows*
lmao! you are an azz. You are hi-la-ri-ous. I know whats going on pyscho.

What do you think? Answer below!

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    • ninjagal3000
    • August 11, 2012

    it could be true… when u want smething u get it… i know tht it never works out in my favour…….. but i always get wht i want

    • dd
    • August 11, 2012

    i think you are blessed for someone so young to have gotten it already! that is wonderful….based on what you’ve stated what’s going on is a couple of things:
    1-you don’t hold on to any negative feelings or you have found a way to release them quickly – this is the thing that keeps us ALL from manifesting.
    2-you have a strong vision of what you want to manifest in your life

    note: although, folks rave about the law of attraction – ONLY ONE of many Universal/Primary Laws – perhaps, even stronger is the Law of Manifestation that is working rather well in your life.

    stay focused! tell your story and let people know that it DOES work – the only people who will think you are bragging are those who are blocked [negativity blocks – positivity opens and expands]


    • abso-D-'09
    • August 11, 2012

    I don’t give what the Law of Attraction is, but by what you had said, I’m happy for you.

    Why does The Law of Attraction have to do with this? “Anything I want badly enough, always makes its way to me….I’m serious. ”
    Well Duh, if you want something badly and you WORK for it which you did then you’ll get it.

    But psh, it sounds a bit like bragging and you sound kinda shallow.

    But maybe I’m just jealous 😛

    • I am the Anti-Hero
    • August 11, 2012

    you know how people tell you to believe in something and it will happen? well it does, could be both their determination to get something or because of the law of attraction.

    ask anyone succesful, and they will tell you that they knew it will happen and they believed in themselves and the fact that it is going to happen.

    you know when you come out of the house and you know your gonna have a shitty day, and just watch how it all falls apart.

    on controversial matters, prayers may work the same way.

    • shugofa
    • August 11, 2012

    ? like i know you don’t mean to sound braggy and stuff but you are so not sharing the love…

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