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It takes just 2 hours to free our nature of 3 m3 PET bottles and 850 kg other waste
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Image by 350.org
Hello, Diana and 350.org team!

According to “Global Work Party 10/10/10” international brand GARNIER and
NGO “Footprints” organized cleanup action „CO2” in Latvia. There were sun
shining and approximately 50 volunteers cleaned one of the mist beautiful
peninsula in Riga (Latvia`s capital city) – Grāpju peninsula. For 2 hours
younger and older volunteers collected and sorted waste materials. To save
nature resources, volunteers paid big attention to separate PET bottles from
other waste materials. These PET bottles were later delivered to recycling
factory “PET Baltic”. As a result we free our nature of 3 m3 PET bottles and
850 kg other waste.

In the end of heavy work, GARNIER has arranged nice lottery – each
participant could win useful presents from GARNIER. Also just prepared, warm
soup was served to all volunteers. The happening was honoured by visit of
Latvian national cleanness superhero Pigman! All volunteers signed in
Pigmen`s pink book for adoption of deposit system for PET bottles in Latvia.

In attachment you can find summary and photos of Latvia`s cleanup “CO2”.

Best regards,

Līga Ivanova


+371 26464686



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