is it legal to create your own lottery system in the US?
December 4, 2012 New Lottery System
New Lottery System
by wallyg

Question by Lila: is it legal to create your own lottery system in the US?
Specifically in California or Nevada?

Like if you want to start your own Lottery Business, that is different from traditional lotteries.
I feel that the government lottery needs competition 🙁 and i have an idea that is brillant!

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Answer by Who aren’t you?
Most places gambling is illegal. The lottery is allowed generally as it is run by the state, and proceeds go to beneficial programs.

You’d have to do it in a place where it were legal, which is probably virtually none, and you’d have to follow many rules to do it.

No one is going to buy tickets off of John Smith’s Lottery anyways. How do they know he is guaranteed to pay out?

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  1. Steven m Johnson

    Since states pass laws to make lottery legal, I am going have to say, nope you can not create your own lottery system. Interesting idea but not going to fly.

  2. Create your own lottery system on the internet, I would like to see them tell you it’s illegal.

  3. laughter_every_day

    a private lottery is called “the numbers game” and it is illegal in most places.

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