Intuition, Action, and Law of Attraction I involve a lot of Law of Attraction in my hypnosis. Always have. That’s one of the things that makes them highly effective. When you think about The Secret or Law of Attraction, thinking about the ACTION you need to take will make you more successful at applying it to your life. Allow your intuition to guide you to making the right decisions to take toward your endeavors.

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11 Responses to “Intuition, Action, and Law of Attraction”

  1. 4444colin says:

    I like your channel but on this video your voice sounds like you are trying “be realistic” and stop people with “magical thinking” to be grounded etc.

    Your tone of voice sounds like Hey dont believe this too much. Just feedback.

    Good on the action side and intuitive side etc. Thanks Colin

  2. deroseg says:

    thanks Victoria for these tips..I recently went thru what you did in a relationship, and now I know I may need this or something better and when ithere is a chance to talk or someone even better , but not to totally give up when things dont happen exactly the way we think….thanks xoxoxo

  3. john5o says:

    love your helping voice your such a helpful person

  4. ski808 says:

    I really like your hair too, good for you!


    “ACTION This DAY ” ! Sir Winston Chuchill

  6. dknow225 says:

    Lots of good info Victoria thank you for sharing, i’ll now do things differently and apply the advice you just gave.

  7. leobindaas says:

    you are hot .. can i get your number?

  8. vlvl21 says:

    I lost this postive thinking… This semester I am taking some hard courses. One course, I have a crazy professor. He is nothing but a putdowner…..He is the thorn on my side, he is the thorn on every body side…….

  9. lounu777 says:

    Thank you for revealing the Secret!

  10. masterofthekeyblade says:

    o yea nice video and ur hair looks great and in this book called the Alchemist it talked about the universe working in ur favor pretty cool stuff

  11. masterofthekeyblade says:

    first sorry i just had to

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