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If you won the lottery how would you break the news to your spouse?

Question by xoxo:

If you won the lottery how would you break the news to your spouse?

Im trying to win the lottery I have a strategy and hope one day it will pay off and I’ll win. I was thinking if I did win it one day, I wonder how I would brake the news to him you see he thinks Im crazy for playing the game he says Im waisting his money and he makes fun of me! What ever its my 10 bucks I tell him when I do win im not giving him any money! But no, really how would you break the news to him and to your family or would you?

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Answer by Ooops
I would send them a telegram from Monte Carlo.

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    • LegFuJohnson
    • August 10, 2012

    “Honey I just won the lottery, pack your bags”

    “That’s great, where are we going, so I know what to pack?”

    “I don’t care where you go, just get out”

    • caliman
    • August 10, 2012

    I don’t have a spouse so it’s all MINE baby!!!

    • William H
    • August 10, 2012

    You could wait six months to tell them to see how they are treating you.

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