How to play lottery in US?

Question by : How to play lottery in US?
Hi there, I am in oklahoma. there are many different kind of lottery, which one is the simplest one to play? Where do I buy the lottery, online?

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Answer by piekingamerica
it quite simple just put $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ in the machine duh!!!!!!!

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  1. JackAce says:

    The lottery is probably the simplest form of gambling that even the biggest idiots can play. You just walk into a liquor store and hand the cashier a buck.

    Unfortunately, you’re not smart enough to play, so you have to post a question about it on Yahoo Answers.

    I believe that a fool and his money are soon parted, so just follow the instructions above. I wish you good luck and I thank you for stimulating the economy.

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