How smart investors play the lottery – Felix TV

Reuters finance blogger Felix Salmon looks at the positive investment return of a dollar and a dream, and why buying a Mega Millions ticket, or chancing it in other lottery drawings, makes you more sensible in the stock market. (March 20, 2012)

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6 Responses to “How smart investors play the lottery – Felix TV”

  1. rodaz440 says:

    lol the you never know thing is what hooks everyone as odd things do happen so hey, its a possibility 🙂

    Think playing the lottery is a good thing as the dream kinda makes you happy as you think about all you would do if it ever happens.

  2. Infomaine says:

    Great advice. Felix always thinks and then causes me to think. I bought one ticket when it hit 640 million. I got some fantasy day-dreaming and no big let-down.

  3. advancedtomorrow says:

    did he win anything?!

  4. MONOPOLY35 says:

    How smart investors play the lottery is they calculate the payouts, odds, taxes, possibility of a tie, inflation, and time value of being able to invest with millions of dollars. Wait until it reaches $640 million again. After taxes and the odds of a split up to 5 ways (not counting time value of money, inflation, and the 13% chance of a 6 way tie or more) the player advantage is approximately 0.79%. Just don’t pick stupid, popular combos like 1,2,3,4,5,6 or you will be guaranteed a split.

  5. jailerq says:

    now someone is going to go buy the same numbers and kill your E(R)

  6. Mrdaddydaze1 says:

    this is the truth

    all u really buying is a dream i play the mega once in a while but is the truth u always dream of what would u do if u win and the truth is all u can do is imagine but hey u may never know lol

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