Do you believe in the “Law Of Attraction”?

Question by Assd sssd: Do you believe in the “Law Of Attraction”?

Idk, i don’t really understand how it works.
People say its just a coincidence its just luck
Or some people says it works.

What about you.


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Answer by Morbid Max

No, I do not.

Thinking positively however, does help- it’s simply a repackaged idea to make the author millions.

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5 Responses to “Do you believe in the “Law Of Attraction”?”

  1. Jared Jane says:

    well it works with magnets and people are not magnets..

  2. Tiger says:

    its thinking positive that bring out positive events in your life. Its all the work of your mind. It works but you have to work at it and make it a habit.

  3. UMIE<> says:

    Are U attractive? PHYSICALLY ,MENTALLY OR EMOTIONALLY? if you are it will work and if your not it won’t. end of story. <>

  4. Dyna H says:


    Learning how to use the law of attraction to create a new path for yourself or to manifest more of whatever it is that you really desire can pose a challenge for many people. For one, we are brought up with limiting beliefs that we keep with us even into adulthood. And these beliefs can really hamper our successes that we enjoy along the way.

    Another major reason why the law of attraction does not work for many people is that they are following the wrong advice or information. Now, you may be thinking, but I am doing everything that they are telling me and it’s not working! Well, if it isn’t working, there is a chance that you are listening to the wrong voice.

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