A ny one who is playing Euromillions and The big USA power ball online from india can guide me pls?

Question by vijay4: A ny one who is playing Euromillions and The big USA power ball online from india can guide me pls?
How to Play Euromillions or USA power ball from india?
How to play The BIG USA power ball? To play these lotteries we have to be resident of respective countries or what? If u r not belong to the country which the lottery belongs means u will get the prize winning money or not? Pls refer the official website in which we will get prize winning money Without cheating .I am from india . Pls guide me can i play these online lotteries. Any proof that any indian got the prize money by playing in these online lotteries

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Answer by Vegasbrad
The ONLY way to get a real Powerball (USA) lottery ticket is to buy one, in person, from an approved retailer. They only sell Powerball in certain states, and cannot sell through the mail or on-line at all. I live in Las Vegas, and I can’t even buy a Powerball ticket without traveling to another state because Nevada doesn’t participate in Powerball. The only way you can play from out of the country is if you had a trusted source in the US that could go buy the ticket and then mail it to you. And you’d have to trust them to mail you any winners as well as the losers – Powerball tickets are paid to the bearer of the ticket that presents it for payment regardless of who bought it.

If I were you I’d come up with another way to throw away my money. You have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than winning Powerball (or any other large lottery) anyway. And if anyone disagrees with me, provides you with a website, or offers to handle the transaction for you, rest assured you are being lied to and scammed. No legitimate American lottery can be played from overseas due to state and federal gaming regulations, period.

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