MegaMillions Wows Fans With More Rollovers

MegaMillions Wows Fans With More Rollovers  


MegaMillions is on its way to another record prize as the jackpot shoots up to $356,000,000 after 17 rollovers. One of America’s most popular multi-state lottos is also a favorite among theLotter customers and has a history of delivering impressive second prize wins on the site.

Two theLotter customers, T. K. and  N.B., won the MegaMillions $250,000 second prize in 2009 and 2011, flying to theLotter’s local branch in New York to collect the winning ticket and receive the prize from the official lottery organization in person. A third theLotter player joined the growing list of second prize MegaMillions winners when B. G. from Spain was informed of the good news following Tuesday’s 2012/23 draw.

Five correct guesses brings a ticket holder the second prize so often claimed by theLotter’s customers in past draws, with just 2 additional number guesses separating the players from a jackpot win! MegaMillions’ multiply prizes option, the Megaplier, quadruples the second division prize’s value to make second prize winner millionaires as well with a $1,000,000 reward!

Join theLotter’s growing list of lucky MegaMillions lottery winners and enter to draw 2012/24 to win America’s top lottery prize of $356,000,000!

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