Winning lottery systems?

Question by : Winning lottery systems?
My cousin who was always poor just bought a new sports car. I asked him where he got the money and he told me that he had purchased some system on the internet that can statistically beat the lottery and won 3 prizes of $ 57,000 total. I told him it’s impossible and he said that they even give you a double refund of you try the system and it doesn’t work. Is there such a system ?!

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Answer by Libertarians Make Terrible Lifeguards
Did you get a website or something? I wouldst think so.

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7 Responses to “Winning lottery systems?”

  1. Daz Dillinger says:

    I doubt it. I would think that it would be wider known if it was.


  2. backahead says:

    No. He’s selling drugs. That’s what all the dealers say.

  3. balkenthefalcon says:

    It sounds like your cousin is lying, and probably just robbed some people. Go start robbing!

  4. Aaron says:

    I doubt this and i think its some really bad joke

  5. Sites Like DealExtreme says:

    I searched it up and most sites keep leading me to one same strategy… try it and tell me how it went.. If you win i will buy it too 🙂

    good luck..

  6. mosbysjedi says:

    It’s an internet scam

  7. Dighvijay Yadav says:

    There ain’t no system like that.He sells

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