Practicing The Law Of Attraction 1/3 Sar Maroof explains how to apply The Law of Attraction (LOA). What is the Law of attraction?
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Law of Attraction works only when you have a strong desire and a strong vibration which happens only through allowing and dreaming. The song in this video is sung by Lucky Ali.

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22 Responses to “Practicing The Law Of Attraction 1/3”

  1. sarmaroof says:

    We talk about responsibility when you do things consciously. If you commit a crime for example while you are under hypnosis then you can’t blame yourself.
    Your thoughts and feelings attract the same circumstances and most of the time you are not aware of it. The point is to apply the law of attraction consciously and test it besides whom you can trust more than yourself? for more details you can visit my website.

  2. ErikSudduth1 says:

    Grail of success dot com

  3. whatDflip says:

    Also another thing, the law of attraction makes it seem as if everything that happens to you is your that true? If you have an accident or disease, is it always your fault no matter the circumstances? Are you responsible for what happens to you and for other people’s actions?…Are we controlled by other people’s thoughts and beliefs if this works for everyone? Please explain this to me. I just want to understand.

  4. whatDflip says:

    Everyone should use the law of attraction to improve the well-being and protect the rights of human beings. However, I am still skeptical of whether the LOA is true or not and I will not be satisfied until I understand its truthfulness. It seems like a pleasant idea and all, but I need irrefutable evidence, not amusing stories. I would go at great lengths to promote it if I know it is true. Please tell me why it is true. Don’t just tell me it’s true and then tell me to believe.

  5. ferry7777 says:

    ♫ ☼ ♪ I have collected the best binaural beats meditation music in my channel. Binaural beats are the new generation meditation music that bring you in very deep relaxing meditative state in just minutes. In that state you will be able to create abundances and success in your life using the law of attraction. Go to my channel and enjoy! ♫ ☼ ♪

  6. sarmaroof says:

    You’re welcome!

  7. ssasani15 says:

    what an AMAZING video! Thank you so much! Action is deffinetly extremely important as you can “think and believe” all you want but if you don’t ACT when the opportunities arise then you’re missing the most important part!

  8. Cis4Chisholm says:

    Thanks for this, cause i kind of forgot this. The person 1 and person 2 very helpful.

  9. sarmaroof says:

    Thanks for the comment!
    This is indeed a very good topic to discuss but it would be better to do that in a video! What I can write here is that the Law Of Attraction always works whether you understand it or not. This applies to all universal laws. Universal laws work always. It doesn’t depend on whether they have been discovered by people or not.

  10. globalman says:

    There are some very profound thoughts here. It makes me wonder about those people who succeed who have never practiced any method and had no real goals or dreams. They found a job, worked diligently and ended up comfortable and secure. Or someone who inherits money from various friends who die. This was not his goal, dream or desire but took him from being financially secure to being wealthy. He never dreamed of being wealthy. He only lived his life as he had it.

  11. sarmaroof says:

    Thanks for your comment! I think it would be easier to read if you watch it in full screen! I hope that that would help!

  12. juliemathis74 says:

    Nice video but it would be nice to be able to read the font. If it were not so faint it would be much easier.

  13. sarmaroof says:

    The Law of Attraction creates opportunities but the LOA has no mind. It doesn’t care whether you can take your advantage of these opportunities or not. Sometimes taking action is necessary to receive. You may watch my last video “The Law Of Attraction Blocks” for more info! Anyway thanks for your comment!

  14. jojangeorge says:

    wooow ….nice….but am confused …..LOA is like just preparing u to recive ???? it wont help to recive ???

  15. jorj119 says:


  16. sarmaroof says:

    Now I understand what you meant. You are right! I love nature and it is also a great source of inspiration for me. You are really welcome!

  17. Detroitwhat33 says:

    what i like in part one is the way you are using the imagery ( clear sky is like optimism and dark sky can relate to the difficulties in applying the LOA)…i also like your use of images from the universe, clear water and clear sky…it inspires me, thanks for all your hard work:)

  18. sarmaroof says:

    You are really welcome!

  19. anujesal says:

    This was beautiful! Thank you so much! I showed it to my son who wants to be prime minister. God bless you an amazing day! Namaste:))

  20. KASH1881 says:

    lovely video … me aswell read secret ages ago …. yea it works .. hehe …. goodluck with ur dreamzzzzzzz

  21. revolter1 says:

    Oh wait, I just got that.

  22. revolter1 says:

    HAHAHHAHA money? Whats money?

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