Md. Lotto Winners Worked in School System

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15 Responses to “Md. Lotto Winners Worked in School System”

  1. kamalalovely says:

    Good! I sure hope they were teachers and not administrators. Mad respect to teachers!

  2. LosAngelesWeedSmoker says:

    Congrats to them… now start looking for a financial advisor. 

  3. godseeri says:

    Glad it was ppl who really deserved it. Congrats and have fun with all that money!

  4. tjrnbaby says:

    how mature your pastor will be proud

  5. tjrnbaby says:

    how mature your pastor will be proud

  6. tjrnbaby says:

    this was only one ticket holder split 3 ways it should be two more winners

  7. abarzilai664 says:

    So it wasn’t that Mickedees woman after all, guess she’s a really good liar leading us on this wild goose chase.

  8. MelanieLouM says:

    Looks like that womans lawyer is not getting paid…and there is a lot of pissed off McDonalds employees back to making fries and Big Macs today! Some are probably looking for another job after telling the manager to go f**k him/herself….oh well! 🙂

  9. SharkDude1 says:

    And that Nigger that SAID she won, was lying. Awesome!! Typical nigger bitch, just SAID she won for publicty reasons. Damn Niggers are funny!!

  10. IronicallyVague says:

    Good….People who deserve to win won & they shared it with others..


  11. jajacko22003 says:

    way to be a typical ignorant bitch

  12. littletammy20 says:

    good news for a change better then rich people winnig

  13. heyitsmejason1 says:

    so it wasnt that crazy bitch that 1n

  14. PageFrederick says:

    @dsgdrbs in my 20 years of being a state lotto representative ive never seen a lotto system that can consistently beat games like this one can, i cant believe im saying this, but ive been playing 3 games of lotto a week and am up over 2400 and just weeks following the lotto system in this video have a look ->

  15. gezzazoom says:

    sorry what a crock

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