How to hit the lottery this is a short view on how to hit your city lottery by Only PLAYING 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27 28, 30, 31, 32, 33, 35, 36, 37, 38 , 40 ,41, 42, 43 it’s a proven system. that allow you to play better odds. Review you past 12 month of winning numbers and mark every time this system come up. You will then see the system appear. Then play accordingly . In Missouri Lottery. this Winning System comes up every 4 pays and pop up 2 and 3 times in a row. Please go to and help prevent the spread of the H1N1 Swine flu. Over 300000 people will die from the Swine flu this year. only you can help prevent this. The Number for the Slow Claim is because “PEOPLE RAN OUT of UN-Employment” and cant Re-file. lol “The HYDROGEN CAR FENDER” get it FREE with President Obama’s Tax Breaks FREE up .2Billion a MONTH!! for the Next 20Years Installed on 1 of the cars N1Year & Create 600000 new jobs. Do you WISH TO LOWER GAS PRICES? TIME TO VOTE too WIN Finance to help the GAS reduction Cause.. Enterprise Entrepreneurship Challenge Vote 4 Inventions Designs & Concepts. Enterprise Entrepreneurship Challenge | Vote Vote For INVENTIONS DESIGNS & CONCEPTS to get the GAS lowered High GAS Prices can be down to .99gal. ??HOW?? “2012 Green Spring” a StartUp Partnership Program. This will be a New strategy that Employers use to save on not paying out pay raises in 2012. I will show Employers how to

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  1. primepaid says:



  2. Gabriel Ambo says:

    that music is America National Anthem..

  3. arniefgonzo says:


  4. TheStephanieParra says:

    complete bs. 

  5. 69superjen says:

    go to a gas station get a lotto card punch it lol

  6. MrxxPityFans says:

    Poor Americans all trhey think about is Money….:(

  7. THEIRONMAN9 says:

    i tried this on the uk lottery and the numbers that came out were 4,14,19,24,39,44….your system sucks dude !

  8. AngusLikesMusic says:

    @zdshhhc yes despite what people say it is possible to beat lotto systems, i cant believe im saying this, but ive been playing 3 games of lotto a week and am up over 2400 and just weeks following the lotto system in this video have a look:

  9. yessii1994 says:

    Background Music is too loud

  10. Angel Kryptonite says:

    Learn the Secrets to playing the lottery

  11. Adideva01 says:

    incorrect last wining numbers on the mega Millions winning #’s for July 3rd 3,4,24,36,52 & 45
    don’t play 4 & 9? BS.

  12. RepeaterMan says:

    4s and 9s gotcha lol

  13. Don Pedro says:

    I think if you come and play with my penis, much better than numbers,,

  14. feardox says:

    great vid! m/file/FcFsbYfG/forexrisk.html
    Best forex education and risk calculator!

  15. takis76 says:

    If you win don’t FOR GET ME.
    If you play all numbers in full wheel you will win. Perfect system.

  16. Peter Chu says:

    play lottery you can be very rich ‘ and also can be very very poor.

  17. LittIeGodless says:

    I saw some advertising in the paper from a person charging $77 to send you something called a Lucky Number Mojo Bag. This would be a good business venture to tap into because it sounds like a recession proof business…helping others increase their chances on winning the lotto. I will purchase Larry Blair book in the near future as I’m sure there’s something in his literature which can be very valuable advice for the average lottery player and/or professional lottery analyst!!!!

  18. ptc808 says:


  19. Piotr Alan says:

    Gdzie szukać sposobu na pewną ‘inwestycję’ i przebojem wkroczyć na listę bogatych europejczyków? SPORT to pieniądze. W “SYSTEMIE” wygrywam codziennie. Dziennie koło 800zł i nie muszę już pracować. Trzymam z dynamicznymi XXI wieku. Dzięki stronie: w miesiąc wygrywam ponad 25000zł na czysto. Dzięki.

  20. luckydudebuyshouses says:

    Stop man … you’re killing me! LMAO!

  21. primepaid says:



  22. mrtla69 says:

    Why not. You trusted all the other BS stuff in your life. Easter bunny, Santa, You even believed that “Judas” was a bad guy.. I see people like you every day . Pointing fingers and can’t solve any problems. No photo and i think Your posting for the MAN and we can tell. You have No HELP or nothing for no one. Did you see how many people The Lottery had to pay OFF when this system is even close? 86 people won. not including the POWER BALL winners. . YOU WORK FOR THE LOTTERY COMMISSION. lol

  23. mrtla69 says:

    sorry, but you can go see the same information at this second video. Google “How to Hit Mega Million Lottery $640Million March 30, 2012”

  24. poonam7693 says:

    why do u need blasting music in the background…. which is drowning ur voice…& it is very annoying

  25. ahsanmollah says:

    Hey, have you considered this thing called the Intellitus Cash System? (check google). My buddy says it makes people oodles of cash.

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