Best pick 3 lottery strategy

I will show you my pick 3 lottery system.

You don’t need new glasses! It’s sort of fun how the thumbnail selection caught a transition! Joanne Manaster, @sciencegoddess on twitter, and creator of the website, Joanne Loves Science, shares her excitement on being chosen for the historic last shuttle launch targeted to take place July 8, 2011. NASA will bring together 150 Twitter followers to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida for a two-day Tweetup, July 7 – 8, 2011, for the final launch of Atlantis before the space shuttle program is retired. Joanne has been selected as one of 150 @NASA Twitter followers to attend and Tweet the event. Atlantis is targeted to launch on July 8 at around 11:40 am EDT on mission STS-135 to the International Space Station. As a NASA Tweetup attendee, Joanne and the other 149 Twitterers will interact with NASA shuttle technicians, engineers, astronauts, managers and NASA’s social media team as well as tour Kennedy Space Center and view the shuttle launch from the media area. Attendees were selected through a lottery system in which more than 5500 @NASA Twitter followers applied. Joanne is a biology lecturer at the University of Illinois and an ardent science outreach enthusiast via her video blog, Joanne Loves Science ( ), She encourages the next generation to enjoy science via her bioengineering camp to young ladies through GAMES (Girls Adventures in Math and Engineering Sciences at the U of I), via advising the iGEM synthetic biology team at the U of I
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36 Responses to “Best pick 3 lottery strategy”

  1. Nettafosho says:

    well wheres the winning tickets from this strategy?

  2. Filmmaker865 says:

    dude you eight your not even old enough to play the lottery

  3. TheMiguel09070Show says:

    not bad kid

  4. Anthony Hamilton says:

    But a young kid is presenting it by speaking well and using a board, and he made the video HIMSELF!!!

  5. backstroke10 says:

    Hey Thanks!

  6. backstroke10 says:

    In a world where you CAN win some amount of money if you get 2 out of the 3 numbers in the correct sequence. You don’t win as much but you can win by picking 2 of 3; 3 of 4 or 4 of 5.

  7. briank2025 says:

    In what world do you win by playing all digits in different order. You need to have the same exact 3 digits or 4 or 5. There is also repeats. This is just stupid.

  8. Gavin Scott says:

    Damn kid, looks like you created your own videos! I thought it might have been your dad and you but looks like it was your idea. Concentrate on school first but if you must become an entrepreneur, do so wisely. Read up on Bill Gates, the Amway story, Steve Jobs, etc. You seem destined for greatness.

  9. xbigbobsagetx says:

    Your not even old enough to play the lottery! lol

  10. FireLysm says:

    yeah but probably games of 3 pick combos, won’t give any money for 2 hit combo.. at least i wouldn’t if i would own the game… rofl

  11. FireLysm says:

    LOL AstronomicalMan math has almost nothing to do here.. it’s all about statistics.. and no matter what you pick you got 1/720 chances to hit good luck 🙂

  12. AstronomicalMan says:

    im telling you that if you picked the same amount of numbers, but random, it would have the same effect.

  13. withataman01 says:

    Really, you are not even close. Go back to the drawing board and start all over. We millionaire pick 3 winners has a saying – when ever you figure out the technique of Winning pick 3 lottery, you will be quiet as a church mouse 🙂

  14. Sable Blue says:

    Your system is flawed, because you pick your number from the bowl but you fail to put it back in, so you cant get a double or triple pick!!! 396 could return 333 999 666 the way you picked your numbers from the bowl requires you to put them back in.

  15. ChubbyCheek5 says:

    Does ur mommy know you’re not doing ur home work?

  16. backstroke10 says:

    hey thanks!

  17. susanrachellecook says:

    Hey kid- You Rock! I admire your steadfast calm… continuing to provide help and advice, even to haters and idiots 😉 Kids like you rule.

  18. backstroke10 says:

    I’m not telling you to pick those exact 3 numbers. Pick any 3 numbers you want. The point is to play those combinations after you pick your 3 numbers because you have a greater chance of at least winning some money.

  19. AstronomicalMan says:

    this makes no sense. Stop feeding people lies, it makes sense in your head but you must realise it doesnt work. if i were to randomly plug in those numbers it would be equally likely. Chance of a pick 3 for 10 numbers is 1/10 * 1/9 *1/8 = 1/720. So if you play 10 games, randomly picking your numbers the odds are 10/720 right. Now if you use your method and play 10 games its still 10/720 to getting all 3. You are eliminating the odds only because you are purchasing more tickets not by the system.

  20. stan mercado says:

    hey git make this video when u can gamble

  21. backstroke10 says:

    That’s the point. People pick their initial 3 numbers anyway they want but the point of my video is showing how you build off of those initial 3 numbers in the combinations I show and you should win some money even if you just get 2 numbers right.

  22. 666elsystem says:

    Oooooo shit all the numbers are there that is stupid

  23. bcastillo236 says:

    Nice video God bless

  24. Motty Ruttner says:


  25. brianmiami says:

    Shame a kid this young is addicted to gambling. Thinking ever weekend he will win the Jackpot. Good luck kid ! It is like finding a needle in a hay stack.

  26. morzMOV says:

    sorry missed this when i was building Atlantis.

  27. robertk131 says:

    my twit followers…hahahaha

  28. kaykane says:

    repent of your sins and follow Jesus, for He is coming real soon to judge those who dont obey His gospel and continue in their sins! more on my channel…

  29. Bree Kiech says:

    Congratulations! I was able to make it to the STS-134 launch last month with my dad. It was amazing 🙂 You’re going to have a blast! (lol no pun intended)

  30. jeriellsworth says:


  31. sk7ca says:

    Ohh! sounds like fun! Congratulations!! 🙂

  32. zarkoff45 says:

    I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a NASA tweet-up.

  33. U3X6785 says:

    Looking great as always 🙂

  34. Joanne Manaster says:

    I feel so incredibly fortunate! 🙂

  35. Joanne Manaster says:

    That’s what everyone says! I am really looking forward to it!

  36. chupamiubre says:

    Awww lucky!

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